I Tested Minecraft's Best Traveling Method

Published 2023-11-03
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I find The Fastest ways to travel In Minecraft, Because just using a elytra is getting boring :)

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  • @fiercedeity1764
    16:45 Fun fact, the speed of sound in real life is about 340 blocks(meters) per second. Meaning the Riptide III trident method in the rain would let you break the sound barrier if Minecraft had one of those. Maybe someone should add that.
  • @ThatNoobKing
    18:35 problem with the blast protection enchantment for wanting to go as fast as possible: it negates some knockback from explosions as well
  • @kriegerkorps
    Drinking game: Take a shot every time this guy says "Oh my gosh/god" Or when he says: "Yo". I am not responsible for any deaths or comas you drink yourself into.
  • @jasonbell8515
    Elytra isn’t the best because of its speed. It’s the best because you can turn. It’s often overlooked how essential that is.
  • @moileb
    Yet no one will ever be as fast as Jeb on a boat in land...
  • @vtarmy1232
    "OH MY GGGYYYYYYYYYAAAAAAAASSHHHHH!!!" -Carvs every time something happens
  • @sennahogenberg
    24:50 yes this is a feature there are also machines called an "elytra launcher" when you jump into it and click space three times while looking up you can get launched thousands of blocks high
  • @asimplehuman.28
    The riptide rain elytra method allows Steve to go above 343 meters per second, which is mach 1 (speed of sound) meaning Steve can travel at mach 1.2 when it rains.
  • @Batistuta-ft3vs
    7:36 there is a pretty hidden feature with netherite armor, it has knockback resistance. So you wouldve gone farther if you had Diamond and not netherite armor. (Same for bow shot.)
  • @MagmaTrap
    Bro said “ oh my gwod” so many times
  • @Hi_There_Hello
    Leaving a ender Pearl stasis chamber at one corner of the world and going to the other, would allow you to travel millions of blocks a second.
  • @minecraftsp98
    The elytra boat launcher is how people used to travel before rockets did anything to elytra's. Self hitting mid air with a bow was also a thing back then.
  • @MrMacdaddymcfly
    You will forever live in fear about the chunk with the ender pearl being loaded
  • So glad to finally see some new content!
  • @carrot4460
    the problem with most of these is that they take so long to build whilst the elytra can be used anywhere and everywhere so it’s probably more efficient
  • @Detective_Lynne
    16:38 "but you just have to be careful to not hit a mountain or something" Everybody's gansta until computer voice saying "terrain ahead! pull up!" can be heard