Dude Perfect Goes to SPACE

Published 2022-11-05
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All Comments (21)
  • @dudeperfect
    Thank you to everyone who has ever watched a DP video! This wouldn’t have happened without you! 🙏🏼 - Coby
  • @YouTube
    congrats to coby on this colossal journey 🚀 dude perfect has always produced "out of this world" content and this is just proof 💫
  • Don’t usually watch a DP video expecting to get emotional, but this one got me 🥲
  • @adilcmusic
    Why in the world, no pun intended, did you use a fish eye lens?
  • @BoultAve_Editz
    Actual astronauts: Taking 10 mins to go there Youtubers: 1 sec
  • All them battle losses, all the near wins, all of it has lead to this moment for Coby. I’m so proud of him man.
  • @Kollin539
    9:58 he even did a trick shot in space😂 (if you say it’s not a trick shot I’d like to see you drop a ping pong ball and have it go up
  • @leonghray
    That old man who won't unfasten his seatbelt (probably due to age and/or health condition), that man gets me. Man's seen it all, life after WW2, first spaceflight, people being able to call each other, to the modern age where everybody has a computer in their pockets. And now he casually went to space himself, in a rocket.
  • @d.i3go._.o
    To think they went from shooting trick shots in their back yard to shooting into space, crazy how time flies by. I’m real proud of dude perfect and all their hard work and dedication. Love y’all DP family 😢🎉❤
  • @KxngRxtchet
    wiped tears from my eyes 2 times during this video. Was watching them shoot basketballs with their eyes closed at 12 years old. Now im 22 and they are floating in space. Utterly incredible. These guys are HEROES!!!
  • @ExotikYT
    I'd have never thought people doing trickshots in their backyard could go to space. Truly amazing.
  • @JerinSVarghese98
    Technology has developed a lot the fact that rocket going up and coming down by itself without human intervention 😲 is mind-blowing
  • @reklezzz9038
    Bruh. When i was a kid a family moved in from prosper texas. They used to know and play with these guys, when they did the original trickshots. They literally showed these guys to my school before the videos were huge. Insane to see them so well known and huge now.
  • @TheRealAdam23
    Wow. These guys started with a simple video in their backyard. Over the years they turned that one little spark into an INSANELY successful brand, without any drama or breakups. They’ve been nothing but consistent and and true to themselves. And now they’re in space. Hats all the way off to these gentleman. Truly impressive and inspiring.
  • @LincRBX
    From trickshots in their backyard and now going to space. These dudes are unbelievable, props to them!
  • @ItsEon04
    As you look out the window and see our planet, you realize that everyone you'll have ever known, everything you have ever read in a history book and all that you love is on that rock, and above it? You. Above that? Infinity. Coby Cotton, because of you Dude Perfect has become a Shooting Star🌠