World’s Most Expensive House!

Published 2021-08-26

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  • @rytrahan
    🤫🤫🤫 SECRET 🤫🤫🤫
  • Can we talk about how if someone was able to break into this house, they could totally avoid ever being caught?
  • @benofia7277
    For a guy who cares about not being wasteful, he has A LOT of rooms that no one's ever going to use
  • @SimplyCheryl
    Love how we not only got a crazy house tour but also a psychological evaluation of the relationship between michael and dude who built it… forgot his name already
  • @loverenjun
    this video isn’t even about the expensive house, it’s about michael vs niall 😭
  • @cyndriana
    The cameras in the bathroom thing 🤣🤣 honestly Nil just seems like a predator
  • @ebr7078
    imagine having kids in this house and they get lost you’d never find them again
  • @samirgandhi2457
    Has anyone randomly started watching Ryan Trahan and now. He’s 1 of your favorite YouTuber.
  • @VeryGood808
    Nile : We need to do things where we don't just waste. Also Nile : Made a whole house with a ton of open space doing nothing therefore being a waste.
  • One day, Ryan's gonna be like "I turned $0.01 into the one." 😁
  • @saracruz7607
    At this point I'm convinced Ryan can make absolutely anything entertaining
  • @leilamanchino
    Let’s all just thank Ryan for putting the link to Michael’s masterpiece of a shirt in the description ❤️
  • @VideoCreators
    Where is the part 2 Ryan?! I need to see you in this shirt!
  • @zedoxx5896
    Ryan would actually kill it in the reaction game, please make more videos ive never laughed this much in my life
  • @amanatk5425
    why does Michael feel like a little puppy? idk why but the vibesssss I’m getting from him are chefs kiss also buy his shirt or I’m coming for you
  • @Manar38656
    Michael: breathes Ryan: Talented brilliant incredible amazing show stopping never the same totally unique
  • @lingwd7755
    This man definitely build this house in the Sims redactor. Like, just watch the video with this thought in mind. He cares about the symmetry, but not about practicality, he has matherloade, which grants him unlimited money, he has a random girl coming over to his gigantic house! This man lives in Sims