I Added Another Villager City To Minecraft...

Published 2024-05-26

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  • @seawattgaming
    IF WE GET THIS TO 50k LIKES I will drop the next part with in the month NO CAP REAL DEAL (We hit the like goal I am cooking on the next part!! sooon!!)
  • @user-zl9cm5gb7x
    Fun Fact, if you look closely at the part where SeaWatt climbs on the villagers' shoulders, if you look on the left, the beacon (Emerald Pyramid) is still half gone from the previous video where SeaWatt is trying to make money to get emerald glasses or anything else while wandering the streets of New Villagers City
  • @Nf_Uploads
    0:07 when he got the trade offer he had one emerald, but after he had 0 meaning he BOUGHT A KISS
  • @Samkil0
    15:31 , "Domain Expansion, Malevolent Kitchen" , Just what I needed today🔥
  • @awesome69420
    15:56 Evbo : The Champion of parkour Also Evbo : Fell from a 1 block jump
  • Legends say grox is still waiting for him in chest prison lol 😂😂
  • @JALG3710
    18:57 I wonder when Grox is going to upload to save that Wondering Trader's Family from not uploading for ages.
  • @Ttm0q
    1 like equals 10 pushups yall got 4 days then ima post a vid.
  • @NutXD
    11:47 bro just turned into Clash of Clans wizard😂
  • @lhaeno
    portals, pyramid schemes, emeralds, wandering society, war crimes, bro made a entire lore for villager city