Breaking Minecraft's Longest Redstone Record

Published 2024-04-14
World Download in the Discord:

Ten years ago abh037 created a piston door in Minecraft setting a Redstone world record, the rest is history. This video has been uploaded 10 years and 10 days after his record at 10:10AM.

Links to ALL the doors + some extras:…

This video is HELLA inspired by ‪@BobbyBroccoli‬ in case you couldn't tell :p

Redstone Baby:    • Redstone Baby [Minecraft: Story Mode ...  
Hackers:    • 80s Retrowave / Synthwave Music - Hac...  
I Can't Afford Mastering:    • I Can't Afford Mastering  
Aloft:    • LEMMiNO - Aloft (BGM)  
Portal Clean Radio Mix:    • Portal 2 Soundtrack - Still Alive (Ra...  
Kyoto:    • Kyoto  
Bushwick Tarentella:    • Kevin MacLeod: Bushwick Tarantella  
Triangular:    • LEMMiNO - Triangular (BGM)  
Firecracker:    • LEMMiNO - Firecracker (BGM)  
Drift:    • Creo - Drift  

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All Comments (21)
  • @abh037
    So surreal to see my door had such staying power, kudos to the new record… awesome video man, you’ve got a real talent for this!
  • @3njooo
    You know it's gonna be insane when you see minecarts and boats in a piston door
  • @Diggelaer
    it's not about the record it's about the piston doors we made along the way
  • @greydientz582
    using podzol and snow layers in a piston door is genuinely insane in the coolest way possible
  • @GlobeSync1
    The quality of this video is insane, at no moment did I feel like I was wasting my time or not learning something. Great job making this video!
  • @graxeltooth
    "Even Mumbo made his own layout-sized design." As a Mumbo fan, I don't know how to take that.
  • @pi-taki8053
    Finally the breakthrough we needed a chicken in a composter
  • @hanzipanzer5490
    This slightly feels Bobbybrocoli inspired, the movement based story telling. I love it! great video! good explanation!
  • @Wonback
    11:55 Bro dropped the sickest 154 block 4x4 redstone door edit and thought we wouldn't notice
  • @Cuwubiq
    masterpiece, your video skills are now godtier, such a great video, maybe at the end i wouldnt mind seeing some explanation for how the final door actually work as when seeing all the untraditional entities there, i was seriously blown away! Such a great job to anyone who has been involved in this <3
  • @tridiots3681
    these redstone gods pulled out every game mechanic to make the door smaller by 6 blocks.
  • @Mystery-pd6jc
    The graphics in this video fuck so hard, it's literally so well made it's crazy
  • @_hatb
    I like how you called the observer a more important block for redstone door than the pistons 😂❤
  • @DoodleChaos
    Great editing on this video @CraftyMasterman, your hard work didn’t go unnoticed!
  • @RealGhoda
    The video's editing is so fresh and unique Its like, really well edited, but not ADHD aside from the hyper camera moves well done
  • @zgamer1146
    This is actually insane. A world record from 1.7 broken after 10 years presented by craftymasterman using a creo song?!
  • @avogaado
    The presentation is actually so good
  • Damn, you went all out with this video. Well done! Also cool door, ignoring the animation :P