I Built Minecraft's Most Illegal Farms

Published 2024-03-31
Most farms are, small, simple, and way to easy to build. But what If I told you there where farms, so powerful that break the game.


This series is inspired by Sandiction, Kolanni, ezY and Wadzee hardcore Minecraft series, as well as Mumbo Jumbo and Grian on the Hermitcraft server. However, instead of it being Sandiction, ezY, Wadzee, Kolanii, Mumbo Jumbo or Grian, it's actually just Mello! I like to make Giant Mega Builds, and builds that break the game, this is similar to a custom Minecraft Challenge video, except the custom Minecraft Challenge is to survive. You could call this Minecraft, but hardcore.

I Recreated Every Removed Minecraft Structure


Thanks for watching :)))

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  • @ElMuffin5
    RIP EOL We always be remebered as the greatest minecraft farm. Edit: That Xp Farm Will destroy the world to this point WTF
  • @Tqddys
    Mello is farming views with this one🎉
  • @yeslucid
    this video's actually insanely good, you could say he's farming the subscribe button 🥳
  • @hassanhmede3111
    Mello: I Built Every Illegal Farm in Minecraft SB737: ARE YOU SURE ABOUT THAT ?
  • @Right_Sune
    "And to say this update is a bit weird is an understatement. I have TWO arms!" Mello 2024
  • @andersonn330
    I love videos where literally beating the game is one small step in a long, stupid elaborate plan
  • @davidii94
    Rumour has it that mello will keep collecting illegal items until the day minecraft shuts down.
  • @jellybeenxyt
    Mello:I builded minecraft inside minecraft Mogang:that's it we quit our job💀
  • @user-gd6xl4tx2f
    Swamp villagers don't need to be bred to get them, if you're lucky enough a village can spawn half in a plains and half in a swamp. It happened to me once.
  • I honestly didn’t know a furnace could store xp when an item is dropped from a hopper.
  • @DidiAlves777
    Did anyone notice the stack of totems in his hand
  • @iwantbobux325
    I have found another " build every farms in minecraft " ytber ❤❤❤ ( i only like watching ytber making farms and not huge building and stuff like that )
  • @user-vp4tu8ly1r
    I love how every person that do this forgot about the cherry villager EVERY TIME
  • @FNCSBossBaby
    Bro deserves atleast 500mil SUb rn with how detailed and how hard these farms are
  • Bub lv 144: i will destroy all the text boxes in the world Mewmewmewmewmewmewmewmewmewmewmewmewmewmewmewmewmew: mewmewmewmewmewmewmewmewmewmewmewmewmewmew