How Does Time Actually Work?

Published 2024-03-21
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Written by Colin Stuart
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Edited and Animated by the legendary Manuel Rubio - subscribe at ‪@ArtandContext‬

Narrated by David Kelly
Thumbnail art by Ettore Mazza:
Sound Editing by Craig Stevenson
Whale Art by Joseph Ioseliani

Galaxies, space videos from NASA, ESA and ESO.
Music from Epidemic Sound, Artlist, Silver Maple And Yehezkel Raz.
Stock footage from Videoblocks, Artgrid and Shutterstock.

00:00 Introduction
04:54 How Soon Is Now?
18:08 Where Is Now?
31:16 When Is Now?
43:25 The Illusion of Now


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  • Get a great Displate deal at or my discount code HOTU for 1-2 = 22% OFF/3+ 33% OFF, available for a limited period of time, excl. Limited Editions and Lumino. Discount applied automatically when using link.
  • @Nova2Yung
    Anybody else tuning in to fall asleep? 😅 (comment below)
  • @nickinskeep
    "human intuition is no yardstick for the way the universe really works" I really wish more people could accept this
  • @tylerhagaman1890
    This man’s videos kept me going for a while, wasn’t getting out much, wasn’t doing well but these videos ground me….now I’m over a year sober and enjoy these videos more than ever! Thank god for the educational YouTube
  • YES!!! When I see a new upload from this channel, I get so happy. I used to be happy and excited about life when I was studying physics in college. Taught high school physics after that and had so much fun with my classes. Unfortunately, the reality of low teacher pay, new family on the way, and my other option to make more than double if I work with computers, I went back to my tech job. Now I am almost always depressed, feel like there is no hope and nothing to look forward to in life any more. That being said, whenever I see these videos it takes me back to my happy place. Thanks for all the effort you guys put in to put these out. They mean the world to some of us.
  • @Nebarus
    Now. You're looking at now, sir. Everything that happens now, is happening now. Dark Helmet: What happened to then? Colonel Sandurz: We passed then. Dark Helmet: When? Colonel Sandurz: Just now. We're at now now. Dark Helmet: Go back to then. Colonel Sandurz: When? Dark Helmet: Now. Colonel Sandurz: Now? Dark Helmet: Now. Colonel Sandurz: I can't. Dark Helmet: Why? Colonel Sandurz: We missed it. Dark Helmet: When? Colonel Sandurz: Just now. Dark Helmet: When will then be now? Colonel Sandurz: Soon. Dark Helmet: How soon?
  • @Book-bz8ns
    What does space taste like? Immediately I get the picture of my dog, head out the window, tongue out, just enjoying being alive while I drive.
  • @gotfriendsmsfs
    I'm left with a question. When you die, your brain neuro pathways fire slower as you become brain dead. So, will our perception of time when we die slow down to an infinite perception on the last neuro event? I think I now believe in an infinite after-life, stuck in time, re-living my brain's last chemical burst of nirvana... forever.
  • @RiverOfHate21
    Still one of the best channels on you tube . Cosmology , physics , geology , mythology , history , and great storytelling all rolled up in one .
  • These videos are probably my most highly anticipated of any on YouTube
  • My past self has been waiting for this video. My future self has rewatched it multiple times. "Now" I finally get my hands on it!!
  • @katattack907
    The music, like the message, is at once chill, grand, and somehow slightly ominous. I love this stuff and it makes me feel so many different things.
  • @arwenbarrett2642
    Found this channel only a few weeks ago. Super stoked for my first release.
  • @crankbait1760
    I am so excited to watch this every night for a month straight
  • @boyzinthewood1
    As a Welsh person, I'll tell you that now is in a minute. As we all say, "I'll be there now in a minute" 👍
  • @mitchbrook4112
    so well written and put together, massive props to your channels theyre all so awe inspiring
  • @rezadaneshi
    Almost all at once when you think about it, but one frame at a time when documenting it.
  • @bigdoggo5827
    I had the itch to watch a new history of the universe banger and saw a new video uploaded a minute ago, awesome, thanks for the bangers
  • @Condorman1
    Holy crap. You took something I thought was obvious and explored phenomena that I had never considered. You did a great job. Thanks.