What Is (Almost) Everything Made Of?

Published 2023-12-15
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Written by Colin Stuart
Check out his fantastic astronomy newsletter here: colinstuart.substack.com/

Edited and Animated by the legend Manuel Rubio - ‪@ArtandContext‬
Narrated by David Kelly
Thumbnail art by Ettore Mazza: www.instagram.com/ettore.mazza/?hl=en
Sound Editing by Craig Stevenson
Further Art by Joseph Ioseliani
Animations by the superb Jero Squartini www.fiverr.com/share/0v7Kjv
and Rami Dahouk (Using Manim - MITLicense, (c) 2020-2023 3Blue1Brown LLC)
Huge thanks to Prof. Derek Leinweber for his visualisations at www.physics.adelaide.edu.au/theory/staff/leinweber…

Galaxies, space videos from NASA, ESA and ESO.
Music from Epidemic Sound, Artlist, Silver Maple And Yehezkel Raz.
Stock footage from Videoblocks, Artgrid and Shutterstock.

Further Image Sources:


00:00 Introduction
04:31 Rise Of The Field
16:28 The Quantum Atom
30:35 Quantum Electrodynamics
45:21 Quantum Flavordynamics
57:46 Quantum Chromodynamics
1:11:37 Quantum Gravity

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  • If you’re struggling, consider therapy with our sponsor BetterHelp. Click betterhelp.com/HOTU for a 10% discount on your first month of therapy with a licensed professional specific to your needs.
  • I watch a ton of science videos. This is, by far (it's not even close), the best video I have ever seen that explains the standard model as a whole. I am a 100% layman when it comes to science, yet the video explained concepts in understandable ways that, until now, have frustratingly escaped me. Further, as a history nerd, I loved how it traces the evolution of the theories that formed the foundations and progression of the standard model. Even with a length of nearly an hour and a half, I'm sure the editor had to make hard choices. Yet it strikes the proper balance where there is nothing unnecessary, but leaves no holes. That is a sure sign of superior writing and editing. I can't imagine how long it took to create the script and the effort it took to write it. I'm grateful that the editor took the risk of leaving it as one video rather than chopping it up. I will be re-watching this video over again (probably many times) to solidify my understanding of the standard model. This is truly a masterful video! Bravo!
  • @jasonyee6533
    This channel is a gift to humanity. The ability to explain the complexity of the Standard Model without overwhelming the audience (at least me) is truly something special. I thought the pinnacle was achieved with the 2.5 hour episode...but you guys keeping producing masterpiece after masterpiece. BRAVO!
  • @weshoward1984
    This channel is so refreshing especially among the AI generated cosmology redundancies on YouTube... I ordered from the website shop and will continue to support this channel! Keep up the excellent work!
  • @jack.d7873
    Inital comment of a recent subscriber knowing this channel is of many creators; You people are truly gifted. The visuals, the audio, the script, the content. Another absolutely phenomenal masterpiece of scientific communication for the average person. A God-like presentation.
  • @BDB78
    Usually videos like these help me drift off to sleep. With yours, no matter how drowsy I am, I fight sleep in order to watch more. You have a true gift. Thank you for sharing it with all of us.
  • @Condorman1
    This video was amazing. I'm an armchair physicist who failed calculus but I am fascinated with the quantum world and you have filled in so many blanks for me Thank you very much. I have already bookmarked it so I can watch it again.
  • @tylerhagaman1890
    Phenomenal video as always left a comment on one of your videos @HistoryoftheUniverse a year ago saying how these videos helped me get through the death of my mom and then best friend shortly after life is tough but a year later I’m still here I’m almost a year sober and following my passions like physics and astronomy I have a career now a wonderful girlfriend and dog and we all watch these videos now… it’s the little things like these videos, and this channel…times change life has ups and downs if your struggling right now just know things will get better, there’s always more to enjoy in life…like videos on this channel 😊
  • One of the better episodes lately IMO. Simply superb. Love this channel.
  • @clovislyme6195
    The style is not identical (of course it should not be - times and the medium change), but these videos remind me (old as I am) of the glory days of the BBC's "Horizon" before it degenerated into CGI fuelled baby food. Brilliant and thank you.
  • @chriscurry2496
    “We are trying to prove ourselves wrong as quickly as possible, because only then do we make progress” — Richard Feynman What a simple yet wonderful quote that represents how science, unlike beliefs or dogmas, improves our knowledge and capabilities regarding the universe.
  • I may not understand or retain any of this information, but watching your videos somehow expand my knowledge even without me not knowing. In a way, your videos are refreshing to me. They make me feel so small in the universe and makes me realize how much I don’t know, but in a way, It just makes me want to learn more.
  • @mcsammyboy3719
    Absolutely perfect, I honestly can't find the words to express the absolute joy and wonder that I get from all of your videos! This one in particular is one of my favorites, I usually learn at least 1 thing from each episode, but this one has cleared up an overall misunderstanding I had regarding the weak force and Higgs field. Thank you and I can't wait for the next one!
  • @raveon4669
    History of the universe series is so amazing! From the music, voice, cadence, topics, flow, everything. I always look forward to these and the production team does a great job!
  • @BDB78
    I wish there was a dvd collection of your videos with a giant book available. I would shell out the money for something like that. Your stuff is phenomenal!
  • @m.streicher8286
    (paraphrasing) 51:52 "there are more half lives in a second, then there have been seconds in the universe" These channel often trys to make unimaginable things easier to grasp, but this might be the best example.
  • @daisygrgr7332
    i love this channel, i have watched every single video multiple times, and it is such a treat whenever there is a new one - like christmas morning lol This series is amazing and the content is unmatched - one of if not the best on this topic...truly thank you ! <3
  • @orbis17
    Absolutely fantastic content as always, guys. Please keep it up ❤‍🔥
  • @deepdrag8131
    You can’t go wrong when you start a physics vid with Dr. Feynman.
  • @Lowenaaa
    This is so well done. Probably one of my favorite video of this whole year.