The 9 Experiments That Will Change Your View of Light (And Blow Your Mind)

Published 2023-12-21
A supercut of all our weird light episodes. A look at the double-slit experiment, the Bell experiment, quantum eraser, the delayed choice experiment, the photoelectric effect, the three-polariser paradox, and more! Prepare for your world to be turned upside down.
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0:00 Prologue
1:18 Intro
2:55 #1 Young’s Double Slit Experiment
5:12 #2 The Photoelectric Effect
7:18 Single-Photon Double Slit Experiment
11:14 #3 Three Polarizer Paradox
14:35 Harmonics & the Probabilistic Nature of Reality
18:15 The Speed of Light?
22:12 #4 & #5 Hau’s Light Speed Experiments
22:45 #6 NEC’s Light Speed Experiments
25:42 #7 Temporal Double Split Experiment
31:14 Startling Implications
33:44 Can Information Travel Backwards in Time?
35:20 Quantum Entanglement
37:28 Fuzzy Properties
38:22 #8 The Bell Experiment
45:52 #9 Delayed Choice Quantum Eraser
50:58 Outro