FULL FLIGHT! SpaceX Starship IFT-3

Published 2024-03-14
FULL FLIGHT! SpaceX Starship IFT-3
#SpaceX #Starship #StarshipIFT3

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Pad : OLP-1
Location : Starbase, Texas, USA
Rocket : Starship
Booster : 10
Ship : 28

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All Comments (21)
  • @alex21390
    That ignition at T-0.02 is just chefs kiss 🤌🏼
  • @volta1337
    3:54 the fact that you can see Starship departing as you view Super Heavy's camera
  • @hankkingsley9183
    I don't know how much folks appreciate what SpaceX is pulling off here
  • @Jessica_Starr
    I am absolutely gobsmacked! Beautiful views of Starship and that rock we live on. 🌎 🤯🤯🤯🤯
  • @user-ik6xw4xu9m
    Congratulations to the SpaceX team for a job well done in lifting such a giant rocket!
  • @Creed109
    I can't wait for booster recovery using the tower. It will definitely top falcon heavy triple landing. It's still craziest thing I ever seen till this day.
  • @richardmattocks
    Sure the booster failed but the speed of those huge grid fins move never ceases to amaze me
  • @richardmattocks
    The logistics of keeping not 1 but 2 spaceships flying simultaneously isn’t given enough love. Picking up a the booster the moment it becomes its own thing while grabbing control of the starship as it lights and begins to work . Just that is an incredible achievement.
  • If they weren’t aiming for reusable rockets that test would have been 100% successful. SpaceX now has the most capable mass to orbit rocket ever made.
  • @jeffwads
    Best video presentation of this event easily. Wow.
  • @mycroft16
    You really gotta hand it to those grid fins... they were putting in work right there at the end to control that roll. Significant improvement in both the booster and the ship. Truly an amazing test flight. Can't wait to see IFT-4. Feels very likely to succeed.
  • @wingssoon
    ❤I was driving to appointment and missed first 20 seconds. That bad boy was major airborne when I got on. So beautiful 🎉Great Job All Teams🎉
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  • @613harbinger316
    Pardon my French, but I've just got to say... F--K YEAH!!!
  • @Digital_KO
    What a beautiful mechanical monstrosity!
  • We like the raptor engine icon bottom left in the video that shows how all 33 are active or not. Fuel gauge is great (LOX /methane). Like being in a video game.