Wow! Watch SpaceX Starship re-enter Earth's atmosphere in these incredible views

Published 2024-03-14

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  • @Byehk2047
    Is this the first ever live broadcast of spaceship re-entry in human history
  • @MayonaiseSailor
    watching a 10 story building tumble uncontrolled into earths atmosphere is one hell of a show :D
  • @KanaGotMana
    I'm a 35-year-old man Sitting in his garage alone watching this footage and it has brought me to tears. How could you not find something like this poetic and beautiful. It's truly a monumental step foreward in the evolution of space flight. Im proud of all the courageous and incredibly dedicated men and women involved in this astronomical achievement.
  • @Laurie473
    Yeah... Seeing the Plasma wave start forming in real time LIVE on Starship's camera, is DEFINATELY a highlight of 2024 for me, just unbelievable !! 🤩
  • @koolerpure
    Greatest footage of reentry ever recorded. It’s so beautiful
  • @Stevedrums741
    I've very little idea of what I'm watching but know enough to know that this is incredible.
  • @mundanestuff
    3:13 is incredible, the moment the plasma becomes visible is the coolest
  • Mindboggling .... hits hard emotionally to see the level of engineering and sciences behind to deal with the extreme stress factors and do proper computer calculations for a controlled tumbling. Unbelievable if not seen with own eyes. Congrats to all who had been involved to make this outstanding project working.
  • Re-entry through Earth's atmosphere has always been so fascinating. Thanks for this incredible view!
  • @brianwaldo2642
    I’m old enough to remember watching the first televised launch and re-entry of the Mercury spacecraft with John Glenn in 1962. We didn’t get to see much, but what we did was incredible. Seeing this video of re-entry from outside of the craft is something I never expected I’d ever witness. It begs the question, what comes next?
  • @6ofwrev704
    Most incredible re-entry footage to date. I'm so glad I got to witness this today.
  • @alonenjersey
    First piece of very good news I've heard this morning! Three cheers to everyone involve!
  • @KrispyAimAssist
    I saw this live it was incredible! Well done to the engineers at Space X
  • @MD-jo9mh
    What a gorgeous compliment of engineering and technology. Way to go SpaceX! 👍👍👍
  • @aeh5159
    Mesmerizing just so beautiful to see the planet slowly revealing in the distance then just wow.
  • Absolutely incredible. Throughout the history of space travel, the friction from encountering the molecules in the atmosphere produces the plasma we see in this video.