What would we see at the speed of light?

Published 2023-04-06
What optical effects appear when we accelerate? Could we reach the speed of light? And what would we see when we try to go faster? All these answers in 15 minutes!

0:00 - Introduction
1:01 - Take-off
2:25 - Aberration of light
4:41 - Doppler effect
6:50 - Time dilation
7:48 - Length contraction
10:28 - Speed of light
12:24 - Warp drive

This video is narrated by Octave Masson.
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All Comments (21)
  • @ScienceClicEN
    The images of this video were simulated with the following effects taken into account: - Doppler effect (with emission lines spectrum for the background nebula, and blackbody spectrum for the stars) - Magnification (change of brightness for point-like stars due to aberration and lensing) - Aberration (change of the perceived direction of light)
  • @NikHem343
    I watch tons of physics videos, but I’ve never seen anything like this before. Exact reason I’m a Patreon. This channel is truly something else.
  • @artdonovandesign
    This video ( and this channel) is the result of astonishing dedication and effort. The scientific intelligence and the ability to effectively communicate the complexities of these subjects are UNMATCHED on YouTube. Many congratulation, ScienceClic!
  • @ginocastro5107
    Simply out of this world quite literally!! WOW! I'm dizzy just by listening to all the explanations!
  • @93theproducer47
    Man.. life really is stranger than fiction. Absolutely mind blowing.
  • I'm not much of a commenter, but what a great video. This guy explains some of the most complex stuff in our universe in a realistic, intuitive way while somehow not sacrificing important details. Never seen someone tackle so many tough subjects and explain them all to the level this guy does, one of my favorite channels of all time
  • @DonPrecedens
    This is the best video about lightspeed and its properties I've watched so far.
  • @aghilesk
    Unbelievable quality. This is the best science/physics channel on the internet.
  • @WMalven
    That graphic showing the rocket moving on the time axis and the second path diverging is the best illustration of the time dilation I've seen. Simple and exceptionally easy to understand.
  • @philipcox5859
    I love the rain analogy, never really understood why light behaves that way until you'd explained that way. Thanks!
  • @FloozieOne
    That was a fascinating video. It explained some things that have puzzled or eluded me up until now besides delving into realms I hadn't imagined. Thank you for the physics lesson and you have a new subscriber.
  • @hikerdude5265
    This clip reminds me of the comedian, Steven Wright, when he says, "If your car could travel at the speed of light, would your headlights work?". His comical question made me laugh but, it has haunted me since. It speaks to me of a future so uncertain. It's great to see that these great young minds are seriously exploring these possibilities. It's inspiring to see the tenacity of the Human Race to explore, and how we see our future... well, being there as if we are already looking back on ourselves. I only hope that our Race to the future will be of collaboration and not against each other. Thumbs-up for this great presentation!
  • @SpoxGaming1
    One of the most, if not the most, detailed and comprehensive videos I've seen on the topic of speed of light. Truly astonished by the effort put into this and the explanation of all the phenomenae that take place. Thank you for this piece of art, you are the hero we need, but do not deserve. Edit: grammar mistake.
  • @fernand1776
    The animation quality in these videos has increased dramatically, this channel deserves a lot more recognition.
  • @dianeparsons602
    Now this video is a rare gem. Absolutely brilliant, going to look at more now!!!!
  • @sorlag110
    One of the small details you do that I love is you'll often give a little 4-5 second pause before moving on to the next fact so it can just simmer for a moment in our brains, and it also allows the iconic ScienceClic music to come through a little extra
  • @ArcBane
    As an animator trying to make a realistic warp affect your time and effort into making this is greatly appreciated I hope all future sci-fi shows take a lesson from your video
  • @dannyshows
    This is really good. Thanks for making, and sharing. 🔥