SpaceX Lands All 3 Falcon Heavy Boosters for the First Time

Published 2019-04-11
This is the highlight reel for the second successful launch of Elon Musk's Falcon Heavy reusable booster on April 11th 2019. Details include the first time landing all three Falcon 9 boosters and a successful deployment if the ARABSAT-6A payload.
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All Comments (21)
  • @NicsMP
    Bro, just thinking about how far we've advanced in just over 100 years blows my mind. From wooden planes to rockets launching into space and landing vertically like this. wtf
  • @FrankBenlin
    I love hearing the ground crew cheering to see theory become reality. The passion is inspiring.
  • If you are reading this remind yourself: we went from barely walking upright to this. Let it sink in. Our species has so much potential if we just don't get in our own way. F-ing amazing all around.
  • @therocks1682
    7:35 i've seen this scene plenty of times, but every time i see the double landing by the falcon heavy's rockets, chills goes down through my spine.
  • Side boosters throttling back at MDP and then throttle back up...amazing....the Shuttle boosters just lit and went. What great technology! I'm 69 y/o and grew up in the heart of the early space age in the 1960's and never thought I'd live long enough to see something like this. Mind-numbingly awesome.
  • @tayzer22
    I can hear Elon say "Cameras are cheap, put 'em everywhere."
  • @toaha407
    Imagine being Elon Musk seeing your rockets land successfully.
  • I'm 63. I'm very happy I was lucky enough to witness this event. Simply amazing.
  • @sarahjane3152
    It’s absolutely mind boggling how they got the boosters to land perfectly, genius! I’m in awe
  • @whatnow5313
    Private vs. Government.
    Faster, less expensive, more successful. Way to go, Mr. Musk.
  • @crspy914
    i just tear up with the biggest smile on my face every time I watch these boosters land. The most inspiring event to witness in this generation.
  • @chxno.
    When you realize that booster landings are better than liftoff
  • @jsuuave
    8:00 So much genuine happiness and excitement from this lady.
  • @AnnaRuby23
    This genuinely left me in awe and I found myself saying “wow” so many times. Simply a marvel of engineering and hard work.
  • @mikej5403
    4 years later, I still get emotional when I see those boosters land. I can't begin to imagine how the engineers at Space X feel. Way to go!
  • I never get tired of watching this, I showed this to my wife and she was also blown away by this, she said that the last time she was amazed like this was when she witnessed the Space Shuttle taking off and landing for the first time, I agreed. I'm not ashamed to be showing our age there 😁😁
  • @babyplum2837
    Nasa: "It's impossible."

    SpaceX: "No, it's necessary."