The evolution of SpaceX's Starship (with explosions!)

Published 2021-05-13
Elon Musk's rocket company first began developing working prototypes of the Starship rocket in early 2019 at Boca Chica, Texas. The goal is to build a fully functional reusable rocket that can one day journey to the Moon and Mars. Check out our supercut of the many iterations of Starship up to the latest successful launch and landing of SN15.

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0:00 Starhopper
1:00 Starship SN5
1:58 Starship SN6
2:51 Starship SN8
4:49 Starship SN9
6:23 Starship SN10
8:02 Starship SN11
8:21 Starship SN15

#starship #spacex #elonmusk