Published 2024-01-01

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  • @Niko
    Still can’t believe Kenny broke a world record
  • @Chunkz
    Love for all the support on this one guys, i promise to make you guys proud in the next challenge video!
  • @RMariee18
    Filly’s “nah give me a proper hug.” He is the cutest
  • @rei3317
    Kenny was so happy about his 10 jumps in 5 seconds😭 he is so pure
  • @AjShabeel
    reason why im not 6ft... i play games like this lmaooooo
  • Chunkz brought out his secret talent of singing at the last challenge- Chunkz can singgggg
  • @goldentingss6553
    22:22 this has to be the funniest moment in beta squad the way they all joined in after and only aj realising what niko was doing😭
  • kenny surviving the boring old man and getting the answers correctly is amazing 😂
  • @rayanali6859
    Niko gotta be the most resilient beta squad member. Every challenge hes always the victor or finalist
  • @Jayess-c
    There was some guy who stayed awake for 11 days without sleeping for a school science fair project in the 70s. He was tested afterwards and it was found his brain was taking micro naps while being awake. certain parts of it stayed inactive while others remained functioning.
  • @BreezyNBA
    niko is genuinely a psycho ever since the box video ive been questioning his sanity
  • @lilah3983
    Chunkz talking to himself in the sleep chamber genuinely made me laugh so hard
  • @ady_sunshine
    55:09 when Aj is singing “i won’t give up🤪” and goes to kenny almost asleep
  • @vickiran1985
    The way Niko hugged Chunkz once he came out of the sleep chamber was so cute 32:52
  • @pocketmaces6150
    Niko has one of the most elite mentalities I've ever seen. He was always gonna win
  • @Daresigmally
    Honestly mad respect to Chunkz for making it this far, I genuinely thought he was going to be the first out 😂
  • @mtabikh48
    Bro I swear Chunkz carried this vid, him in the sleep chamber was the best part if the video 😂❤