Published 2024-02-06

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  • @lauraaa2700
    Bobby silently putting up his middle finger made me diee
  • @mehakkey7539
    Niko telling bobby farting is normal so he isn't embarrassed was so cute
  • @tasmimsaju
    I love how gentle niko is with kids.He was really communicating with them and was praising their art too also made bobby feel better
  • @mess_en_ger
    Niko and AJ being comforting older brother's to the kids, Deji being that one rude senior and Kenny being kids with the kids having the best time laughing and teasing eachother just shows Kenny's still 7yo by his brain cells.😂😂😂
  • @beavertom
    Bradley is like an unofficial Beta Squad member at this point lol
  • @yerinkimm
    bro Niko is such a nice guy , I felt so bad when bobby was feeling embarrassed and niko was the only one telling him it’s normal damn deji gotta learn instead of getting up and saying it reeks man
  • @ruthaburahal6393
    I love how Niko is always comforting and supporting Bobby when he felt bad and when he saw Deji not supporting him 18:06
  • @justinetters4544
    Niko consoling Bobby after he was embarrassed is why i LOVE Niko. CLASS ACT MAN!! you deserve your success.
  • @shalini117
    The way Aj and Niko were comforting the kids was wholesome
  • @danagameplay2402
    Niko not laughing when bobby farted was so sweet and saying “they’re normal” and telling Kenny he was acting like a 6 yo when he was laughing was so sweet. The fact that he’s so misunderstood because of his trolling when really he’s the sweetest person ever w the kindest heart 🤍🤍 we all love you niko! But truly, they did Bobby wrong by pairing him with Dej 😭😭 Bobby is such a wholesome lil dude while Deji im sorry brother is a whole diff story LMFAOOO but i really loved this video man! We need more of this with the entire beta squad boys 💕💕 u all are such amazing people
  • @leonasmart22
    Kenny's team getting "Hi" while the other teams gets difficult words😂😂
  • @moonbeammmmm
    the kid hitting the griddy every 5 seconds i'm weak☠
  • @iconicpatar
    "i love kids man" is a quote that will never be forgotten
  • @katielynch9740
    Not Nikos kid getting “parliament” and Kenny’s kid getting “hi” 😂
  • @fletcher1784
    tbh I usually love Deji but I didn’t like his attitude towards bobby at all in this video, a grown man laughing at a kid and pointing his finger. Props to niko as always for being the sweetest and for comforting him. also kenny and elijah were the perfect pair lmaooo they had the same energy and all
  • @samirk9524
    2:27 it’s always a surprise to see Bradley😭 he’s the goat tho 🙏🏻🙏
  • @Disneygirl06
    Kenny just laughing with the kids like he’s one of them crazy😭🤣🤣
  • @nickmcgue3875
    20:40 no way one of them little kids just said, “hell no!” To that kids drawing😂