Published 2024-04-30

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  • @tanzigamer3226
    The fact that they got 2 of every real youtuber is crazy
  • @Unru1y260
    I got scammed by the thumbnail 🤦🏾‍♂️
  • @bonniebel578
    3:14 AJ accurately predicting what question niko was gonna ask first really shows how much he has studied niko's brain over the years 😂. They know each other so well
  • @Lexiluvs962
    18:41 “the three nikos” Aj: “what’d you say?” “Niko, niko, and nikoleta”
  • @DacalLP
    Niko is a genius in deception for making all of us think that there were going to be actual Youtubers
  • @jumi21
    21:08 let's be honest, we all knew it was gonna be niko vs aj for the final round 😭
  • nikos a lvl 100 mafia teasing deji whos a lvl 1 peasant LMAOOO 💀💀💀
  • @Tori-gt7dc
    You can really tell AJ and Niko know each other so well 😂
  • @usmxn
    Niko and Aj both picking Niko and both getting it right at the end was crazy 😂😂😂
  • @nikhilvh5901
    Did anyone notice the fumble? AJ asks if Niko's person has ever appeared in his channel. Niko replies 'yes they have appeared in THEIR channel'. Such a give away, but even AJ missed that. 😂
  • @safy2909
    that intro got me, i was like "damn all of them?? i mean, i guess it is niko..." lmaooo knew from the jump that niko and aj would choose each other lmao, their casual mutual obsession never fails
  • @backandforth_
    It was a lovely experience thank you Niko for the opportunity❤. Next appearance soon 🔜 ⏳