Published 2023-06-17
The Beta Squad were all put into The Jungle Box with mystery challenges to see who was brave enough to leave last!

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All Comments (21)
  • Nikos monologues in the middle of the chaos with us is literally everything
  • Yall aren't giving sharky enough credit, he was so chill in the bug box. Mans even stuck out his tongue-
  • @anelap.215
    Kenny is so cute, the way he has to endure panicking AJ, yet he stil laughs about the jokes of the other guys😂 he's such a cool guy hahaha
  • @pinkpink1911
    7:42 Kenny keep reaching out for Sharkys hand is the cutest thing🤣🤣
  • @whisptrz
    The fact that niko so serious making predictions while everyone is going crazy in the back, and then his predictions become true is so funny.
  • @wajihaaa
    Sharky worrying about his skin during the second challenge is so hilarious 😭
  • @disiskreizi
    24:41 the boys telling aj things that will “calm the snakes” and him believing it, while kenny is laughing is the best part of the video for sure 😭
  • @agnew8836
    it's always so funny to me how the other members are pessimistic and then there's niko who's optimistic 🤣
  • @zainudaily
    Kenny is the most calmest angry person I've ever witnessed 😂😂
  • @Cazammaf
    Kenny trying to be calm in the box and telling AJ to "shut the fuck up" while he is freaking out is fucking brilliant
  • @justbeingpie
    Kenny so angry yet calm at AJ was hilarious 😂
  • @Amorzai
    it's so cute when kennys scared and trying to hold sharky's hand 7:49
  • @Frere924
    Kenny & AJ together in the box is the most hilarious part of this video 😂😂😂😂😂
  • i love how kenn'ys challenge at the end was basically spend 10 minutes in a box with AJ
  • @sabahliaqat9946
    23:11 aj and kenny togther is priceless aj freaking out aj kenny telling him to shut tf up
  • @undyne1
    Kenny was more scared of AJ's screaming than the actual snakes inside the box.
  • @m.93
    AJ screaming his lungs out while Kenny demands him to shut up is too funny😂
  • @sssbbbbb3124
    the fact that niko can endure all of that but still vomits to smelly breath is hilarious
  • @akiki5332
    Kenny holding Chunkz and Sharky's hands is so wholesome 😂
  • @j-tier4586
    Kenny having to deal with AJ in the box is pure comedy 😂