Published 2023-03-11

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  • @RfkP
    Niko just speaking to the camera, while everyone else is going crazy behind him, is the funniest thing.
  • @pikashuuu
    The way instead of being happy they all looked stunned when Niko got out first round, they literally tried so hard to keep him in, and that was wholesome for some reason 😭
  • The fact that Niko was there narrating the whole thing and knowing who’s gonna come out was so unexpected and crazy.
  • @chqlamet
    Chunkz being depressed for 80% of the box time is so funny ☠️
  • @farhiajimale6214
    Sharky being adorable when shouting with the pain stimulator❤😂
  • @Leaqual
    Niko’s private dialogues to the camera is literally the funniest thing.
  • @lovelight8722
    Lol. Niko losing first round was so bizarre that the squad had to figure out a way to keep him in 😂😂😂
  • the fact that niko so serious making predictions while everyone is going crazy in the back, and then his predictions become true is so funny🤣
  • @M.VIP.A
    Are we not gonna talk about the fact that Niko basically predicted who was going to go out next. Niko talking to the camera while everyone behind him were going crazy was hella funny 😂
  • @roevey
  • @laibaislovely
    love how everyone took chunkz side when they gave them pork 😭💀
  • @SC-bc6tz
    niko calmly staring into the camera methodically narrating and predicting the future while the world burns around him has me dying. that set up for the shoosh was clear too. this man is truly playing chess while others play chequers 🤣
  • @lusvnda
    You'd look at Niko as the most sane and strong mentally the way he just narrates how everybody is acting and feeling, but if you think about it, he is the only one talking to himself 😂😂😂
  • @corrinmorgan943
    Niko talking like Hannibal Lecter and predicting who will be eliminated next is hilarious. lol.