Published 2023-03-11

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  • RfkP
    Niko just speaking to the camera, while everyone else is going crazy behind him, is the funniest thing.
  • Nikos internal dialogue is actually too funny and his predictions were elite
  • Jainaba
    Niko’s private dialogues to the camera is literally the funniest thing.
  • chunkz is the type to feel joy when some else suffers, but cant take it when it is on him
  • Carolina_Ways
    I love how passionate they were about making sure their muslim half of the squad didn’t accidentally eat pork. Filly and chunks and johnny, love how supportive every one of these guys are for each other’s beliefs. Producers really took the micky!
  • JemmaSara
    Niko is just so funny, his wit is unmatched.
  • Mariam 🫶
    Are we not gonna talk about the fact that Niko basically predicted who was going to go out next. Niko talking to the camera while everyone behind him were going crazy was hella funny 😂
  • YouTube
    yeah you already know this one is gunna be a madness 😂😭
  • 민지안
    Yo, is Niko a damn genius or something??? The man is ridiculously intuitive and resourceful.
  • Jzn
    Niko is legit so inspiration, his motivation to grind not just in this video is crazy, but sometimes I do wonder if the dude is genuinely happy, rarely seen him laugh or smile, and when he does, it looked staged
  • Petrael Amisi
    There’s no better YouTubers than these boys. Especially Niko. He is outstanding. They keep evolving day by day
  • Yazan Hamdan
    6:09 Chunkz just bouncing off the punch without even trying while Kenny is knocked down is just hilarious
  • The fact that Niko was there narrating the whole thing and knowing who’s gonna come out was so unexpected and crazy.
  • GM_ViiR4L
    So glad to see King Kenny back with the Squad unaffected by the loss, BIG UP KENNYYYY.
  • Tevye Rohl
    Can’t wait to watch the sidemen do this in 2 months
  • Zozo
    Love how niko was just talking to the camera telling his predictions 😂😂
  • Daniel Soukup
    My favorite timestamps
    2:32 That’s the one
    4:37 AJ😂
    12:12 Reporter Niko-Take 1
    14:20 Chunz 😂
    14:29 Reporter Niko Take 2
    16:39 Niko greeting the insects ‘Hello’
    17:17 Repoter Niko Take 3
    19:47 Reporter Niko Take 4
    21:43 The way Darkest comforted him after that slap
    22:25 Filly’s cart titan laugh
    23:29 He’s a sick bald prick
    23:46 Aj in defense for sharky
    24:12 Reporter Niko Take 5
    26:25 what in the pitch perfect 3?
    26:45 Reporter Niko Take 6
    28:45 Reporter Niko Take 7
    30:49 Reporter Niko Take idk how much …this guy talks too much 🤣
  • Egg
    I love how Niko was about to leave the first round because of the hand thing but ended up winning the whole thing
  • I'm convinced Niko is the main character he never fails to impress us with literally anything he does
  • TheLightHouse
    The dance they were all doing at the beginning was everything. The way the clown threw that pie....that was personal man💀 Also, the way the swat guy was saying "wait what wait what?" killed me 😂