Starship Mission to Mars

Published 2023-04-10

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  • Imagine being one of the people riding that rocket and looking back as Earth slowly gets further. I can’t even imagine how heartbreaking and terrifying it would be to leave that behind, possibly for the rest of their lives. Anyone with the boldness and guts to do something like that deserves recognition
  • When door open ... First sight of the Mars... And can u feel what type of feeling will be? for those who see it and land for the first time in history... what a feelings bro!!❤
  • @RVR2835
    I may just be a highschooler, but just the idea of being able to witness our kind becoming a multi-planetary species and achieving things my parents and the generations before them could only imagine brings so much excitement to me. I am so lucky that some of our most staggering achivements as a civilization are going to happen in my lifetime, and I'll be able to witness it first hand.
  • When this finally happens, it’ll be the one of the greatest feats of engineering mankind has seen
  • @kunaikat2232
    im crying, if this happens in my lifetime i will freak the heck out
  • @user-xk3bi9ff3z
    Пока «недалёкие» мечтают о кусках Земли, Великие люди осваивают ближайшую планету. Браво! 👏
  • @thegood9
    I can only cry everytime spacex does something amazing. My dad passed away in 2018, and didn't get a chance to see all the amazing things that have happened. He nurtured my love for space and space exploration, and we watched nearly every launch together. When seemingly all my friends in the rural south didn't care about shuttle launches, he watched and amazed with me for every one. We cried for Challenger together on that horrible day. He was a pipefitter by trade, but an engineer at heart---he LOVED these machines that do great things. I can only imagine that he's getting the best views now---I wish we could watch together again. I'm sure he is loving it somewhere, though!
  • @Brandon-sc1fz
    The falcon 9 first landing on the platform was great. The first falcon heavy launch with the double boosters landing was awe inspiring. The starship launch and landing will be something everyone on the planet will remember.
  • @LaughRep
    The Sumerians and Egyptians and all preceding people will be proud of this generation and how far we have push the frontiers of knowledge. God bless humanity.
  • @Sir_Uncle_Ned
    I’m 30 years old. I’ve lived through the end of the shuttle era and seen the Ares program metamorphosed into SLS and Orion. The technology driving SLS was just the way things were done back then. True rapid reuse of an orbital rocket was seen as an impossible pipe dream, SpaceX was just a glint in the eye of a co-founder of an upstart payment company. Now we have everyone still scrambling to catch up to what Falcon 9 considers to be fairly trivial, with boosters flying 15 times or more without major overhaul, fairings being fished out of the ocean to fly again, and the prospect of a fully reusable super heavy orbital launch platform agonizingly close to reality. Nobody can truly say what the next 30 years will hold for us, but I do know that SpaceX will play an important role.
  • @MarkoLogic83
    I just can't describe the incredible mesmerizing feeling I get when I see a trip to the planet Mars becoming a reality. Incredible emotions woke up in me.
  • @jadenreimer4753
    If I worked at SpaceX I would be tempted to watch this every morning
  • @danyil_koval
    More of this!!! Inspiration really matters A strong vision inspires a lot!
  • @misusatriyo
    I feel an uncanny feeling of a limbo between reality and fiction. Can't believe that this is much closer into reality now. It was pure science fiction back in the day. The SpaceX team is just incredible.
  • I’m living for stuff like this. I’m so excited for the orbital launch attempt and everything after that! I’m rooting for SpaceX and all of humanity!
  • @foxscenes3283
    Too majestic and beautiful, literally cried at this 😮😮😱🥲🥲
  • I refuse to die before I have seen my species take this step towards the stars