How does the Crew Dragon Spacecraft work? (SpaceX)

Published 2023-02-15
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The SpaceX Crew Dragon spacecraft takes astronauts too and from the International Space Station. Come see how it works!

Thanks to Florian Kordina (@EDA_Flo) for his help reviewing this video!

Smoke simulation (12:55) by Joel Adams:    / @iridesium  

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02:46-Dragon Versions
03:29-Parts of Crew Dragon
08:32-Flight Timeline
09:02-Launch Pad
10:32-Day of launch
12:05-Falcon 9 Stages
15:04-Getting to ISS
15:31-Docking VS Berthing

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📘Book Sources:
SpaceX's Dragon: America's Next Generation Spacecraft by Erik Seedhouse

Liftoff: Elon Musk and the Desperate Early Days that Launched SpaceX by Eric Berger

🟠This animation was made with blender 3.4 (Cycles Render)

🎵Music (
"World Collide" by Michael Briguglio
"Glacier of Jungfrau" by Cody Martin
"Lemon Drop" by Cody Martin
"Sun Dust" by Cody Martin
"West" by Shimmer

I bought several 3D models for this animation but some of them were heavily modified for this animation.
Crew Dragon Capsule -…
International Space Station -…
Tesla Model X -…
SpaceX Spacesuit -…

🎧Here is some of the gear that I use for animation:
Graphics Card: GTX 3090ti
Microphone: Shure MV7
Mouse: Razer Naga X
Chair: Staples Gaming Chair

Video Summary:
The SpaceX Crew Dragon spacecraft is now launching astronauts from American soil. The Spacecraft has two parts: the capsule and the trunk. The capsule can fit a crew of four. The trunk has the radiator panels and the solar panels. The Spacecraft is launched aboard the Falcon 9 Rocket which is a 2 stage rocket. The launch happens in Florida at Launch Complex 39A. The Transporter Erector moves the rocket from the Horizontal Integration Facility right up next to the Fixed Service Structure. The astronauts get to ride in a Tesla Model X. They take the elevator up to the top and then walk across the Crew Access Arm to get to the White Room. This is where Crew Ingress will happen. From launch to orbit takes about 9 minutes. Over the following 24 hours the Crew Dragon will catch up and dock to the International Space Station. First the series of 3 waypoints, then Crew Hands Off Point (CHOP), then Soft Capture and then Hard Capture. Then say hi to the astronauts that are already on board the station.

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  • @mechanic3d
    No one has ever described the Dragon spacecraft in such detail that it can be easily understood. You have described its details, internal and external affairs in a very detailed and comprehensive manner with 3D graphics.
  • @mattrittman
    Another phenomenal animation Jared! Wow, I am always blown away by the explanation and detail you put into these. You're on a different level man. Hats off to you.
  • @metahimik
    Все думал что это реальный русско-язычный чел озвучивает, но из-за нескольких странных ударений и произношений слов понял, что озвучка от ИИ) Сама история с Crew Dragon очень интересная - спасибо! Хоть так приобщиться к космическим технологиям - на какое-то время даже представил себя в качестве астронавта)
  • Absolutely fantastic, Jared! I used to build rockets with Estes with my son 20 years ago. These brilliant animations serve as an educational tool simplified for old and young alike. Keep up the great mission! Thank you!
  • @ZunarZulfiqar
    I just would like to say thank you Jared. I am legally blind and thus can never see 3D animations.... until you've come along. Somehow, I can actually see and follow along with your animations. You show a large picture, then slowly, but smoothly, zoom in to show it in more detail. Everyone just does quick cuts and small arrows to point out things which I never can folliw along with as. Instead, you notably change the opacity of items and slowly fade out uneeded elements rather than just quickly cutting them out. The result is that your eye can easily follow where you're supposed to look and isn't just dotting around the screen trying to figure what exact part you're talking about. I appreciate how everything is made with high contrast and every element is distinctly colored to appear different from any surrounding details. Overall, I can't thank you enough. I've never been able to understand what I'm looking at and thus struggled to learn how these things work. You've made learning fun and obtainable. That alone grants you a lot of respect from me.
  • @northernvideo
    I must say, animation is one thing (on point btw) but the ease at which it is to follow while explaining informatively is the true expertise here. Well done as always.
  • As a space and astronomy enthusiast I really appreciate your videos, the effort and the hard work that you have put to it, Just brilliant. Keep it coming.
  • @yassinehmani8023
    ارفع لك القبعة على هاد الشرح الفائق الروعة سيدي المحترم،لم استمتع بهذا الشرح من قبل،شكرا لك كثيرا
  • @DRL92
    I love how you even had the falcon land a little off center like it usually does! Your attention to detail is unbelievable. 👌
  • The engineers who conceptualized, designed, built, tested, and continue to evolve this are very cool people.
  • WOW, WOW, and Triple WOW! This is the best and most detailed video I’ve ever had the privilege of watching! THANK YOU Jared for all of your research and countless hours it takes to produce and post such AMAZING videos! Your attention to detail is Stunning.
  • It’s just dawning on me how significant re-usability is in spacecraft. Been playing KSP and learning a lot more about space hardware for reference (mainly to make my stuff look better lol). Playing career mode with expensive and massive disposable single-use rockets hurt because of how many parts I lose from staging. Whenever I have to launch for science/data, I squeeze each mission for as much as I can because I know I’m losing money because of it.
  • @chemicalspore
    Your videos should be used in schools. The animation is so clear and detailed. Not to mention it keeps my attention with the narration. Great, great job. 👍
  • @joltran3276
    Jared you’re a true craftsman and artist. Your expression of thoughts and engineering through these animations is truly next level. Better than I can even explain things I understand with my words. Truly remarkable
  • @lenhumbird
    This is the BEST introdcutory to SpaceX manned missions I have ever seen! Great graphics, great narration, everything accurate as far as I can tell.
  • Can't imagine how much effort being put to the work of this video. Very well experienced! Thank you!
  • @Dullfang2
    There is no competition. You make the best 3d animation videos and I just want you to keep making them. Thank you a ton
  • @general5104
    You're GENIUS ! How you make these animations so perfectly, is way beyond me! THANK YOU FOR THEM