Zach King's Best TikTok Magic Videos of 2021 - Compilation

Published 2021-08-09
I hope you’ve enjoyed the magic video my team and I have created so far this year. These are some of my favorite tricks that we’ve created for you this year. Comment below which tricks are your favorite.

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I hope you enjoy these magic videos!

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All Comments (21)
  • @dabolife1
    The KING of magic tricks, thank you so much Zach for awesome magic tricks.
  • @JustRightTea
    hey Zach I have an illusion idea but don't have funds for the equipment so maybe you could do it. There is a trick to freeze things in time using multiple cameras lined up, I don't have multiple cameras that are identical in specs, you could make a freaky effect where you have multiple cameras lined up with a slight curve. So the idea is someone walks along them and the person walking stays in the centre of the frame, because you switch between the camera in editing but to the audience it looks like one camera moving, and the freaky part is you play it normally going cam 1, cam 2, cam 3, cam 4, cam 5, cam 6, cam 7, cam 8 changing the cameras to get the one camera effect then you reverse the footage of the 8th camera so it looks like a cameraman did one cinematic sweep and performed magic to reverse it from the last place he was standing. To sum up the trick I guess It'd be an even crazier version of the normal reversing footage that in the early 2000's people found so cool accept more mind boggling, please do this as I would love to see this idea come to life, and if you need anymore information on the concept if I haven't explained it well you can message me, also credit would be appreciated. DEDSEC17
  • @dxucks
    It's been years since I watched you I was like: HES STIIL GOING!?
  • @ducky131
    My fav trick is the one when it is just a painting and the next second you fall into the hole hahah
  • @GhaniBhai1
    Zach King magic so incredibly and amazing
  • @Navy-729
    My favorite trick was the one where zack literally turned into a statue that split in half. Really trippy
  • @somebody8783
    I have a headache, my mind doesn’t understand this
  • @NorwayDuck
    My favorite video in this compilation has to be the one at 4:04 with the cars. The amount of effort that went into editing that for such a short video is insane. I just love how the game screen smoothly transitions into the real world.
  • The statue trick is great and the behind the scenes just shows how much effort goes into these videos.
  • @Qwilthropinal
    The ULTIMATE hiding spot in the sand box was my favorite!! I only wish I'd thought of that growing up! 😂
  • @donjohnson8079
    Zach, I love your humor! "You have a one-way ticket to Paradise Island. This is a deserted island. Bye!" LOL!
  • @thefroag1128
    Hi zach I love these magic videos. I am not feeling that well but I will be waiting to watch this video. I know it is going To be amazing. Not gonna lie but you're videos make my day 10 times better 😊☺️. Love ya
  • @nishantsoman
    It is times like this, when I really wish I could make time go FASTER! 😁
  • @imsahiljamwal
    Dear Zach, I want to tell you that you're the sole reason I'm focusing on building my own path in this life. Your creative ways of expressing your ideas inspire me to push myself out of my daily routine and invest my time into building something of my own. You're a huge inspiration to me, just as you're an inspiration to the rest of the people in this world. With love and respect Sahil Jamwal
  • Everyone else making a egg sandwich: cut a boiled egg, put in on the bread put the bread on top of the egg Zach king: throw the egg like you are in a golf camp
  • You always put so much work into all of your tricks, thank you. I have to say that the trick with the street drawing was one of my favorites.
  • @nishantsoman
    4:14 My favourite is definitely this! I saw the making of this, and hats off to everyone who's behind this amazing perspective magic! 👏♠♦♥
  • @raphaelbertges
    My favourite Clip is the Rock Paper scissors one. And I love the behind the scenes.
  • @sophiefong5570
    My personal favorite magic trick has to be « the lively gallery »when he enters the room to give all the paintings a mask. I love the way he turned a sad event into something funny and creative!