I got THREATENED By a Rattlesnake!

Published 2021-05-21
The behind the scenes of our 50 ways to score a half court shot video! On the last trick shot, I encountered a rattlesnake!

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We're 2 brothers who made our own channel after watching Dude Perfect, Brodie Smith, How Ridiculous, and the Legendary Shots. Our channel went big when we made amazing water bottle flip videos. We make trick shots, do challenges, and more! And our siblings make the videos even more amazing!

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  • I know Diamond-back Rattlesnakes when I see them, that's definitely a diamond one. Glad you are safe!
  • @mpmasters
    It’s definitely a rattle snake they look identical
  • @MCMXI1
    Great vid just like all the TA and TA2's!! You guys are awesome. Been with TA since 50k subs. Glad you're still at it!
  • @Rallison9
    You have to appreciate how much work they put in
  • @ubsmatricks4599
    Hey brother. These Bloopers will show your hard work and your patience behind every single trick shot. ❤❤stay safe.
  • The commitment you guys have is insane I would never be able to do this I don’t care that you guys don’t upload very often, since I know that the longer the video takes the more insane it’ll be
  • Watched main channel since 2017, Amazing how they grew so fast. Congrats!
  • @tmoney873
    I love your channel I Ben watching you guys for like 3 months
  • @Ariuner
    Love your videos 😍❤💙
  • @cgenjoy696
    Hi.Tommy,Matthew, I’m 8 years old.I live in Thailand.This video is amazing!.
  • @FlopyArt
    Yessss I’ve really missed you guys! 😄
  • @ClaireBagsby
    glad the rattle snake didn't actually get Tommy.Great gob on the trick shots😜😛