Starship | Third Flight Test

Published 2024-04-04
On March 14, 2024, Starship successfully lifted off at 8:25 a.m. CT from Starbase in Texas and went on to accomplish several major milestones and firsts.

Starship's six second stage Raptor engines all started successfully and powered the vehicle to its expected orbit, becoming the first Starship to complete its full-duration ascent burn. Starship went on to experience its first ever entry from space, providing valuable data on heating and vehicle control during hypersonic reentry. Live views of entry were made possible by Starlink terminals operating on Starship.

This rapid iterative development approach has been the basis for all of SpaceX’s major innovative advancements, including Falcon, Dragon, and Starlink. Recursive improvement is essential as we work to build a fully reusable transportation system capable of carrying both crew and cargo to Earth orbit, help humanity return to the Moon, and ultimately travel to Mars and beyond.

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  • @ArmoZombie
    I’m glad someone remembered the YouTube accounts password
  • @battisstta
    Please, come back with the live flights on Youtube too. Thank you.
  • @IsaardP
    The best re-entry footage ever recorded by humans... incredible stuff!
  • I waited 30 years for this. Best of success for the next launch. You're all, SpaceX collectively, are fulfilling the dreams of generations. Thank you.
  • Our generation finally has an Apollo to be inspired by! Go SpaceX!
  • @bitofalice
    One of the coolest videos on Youtube to date... Also, whomever edited this needs a bonus, the comms on the break and the drop after "Vehicle is supersonic" at 1:05 - perfection!
  • @ryanrobbins2363
    Seeing those incredibly powerful sound waves at 0:41 ripple the air is insane.
  • @Nathan-vt1jz
    That plasma blanket was amazing to see live-streamed. Absolutely stunning.
  • @fritzbuilder9331
    Getting to see the reentry plasma like that was incredible. To my knowledge this is the first time footage like this was actually captured.
  • @marshall_banana
    PLEASE resume the youtube livestreams for 4th flight onwards!
  • @macfeilmeier3230
    Props to whomever made this! You made an epic launch even more epic!
  • @IsMaski
    Starship rising through the layer of clouds and the booster dropping back down to earth was a beautiful moment. But nothing comes close to the re-entry footage. Watching that live, I still remember how speechless that moment left me. Truly one for the history books! Can't wait for IFT-4
  • @coeneman02
    This flight has generated some of the best spaceflight footage ever! It was incredible to watch it live on stream. I'm looking forward to the next one!
  • @jensbruning5691
    I remember seeing all the comments on instagram reels roasting spaceX just cause their early testing with SNL and starship etc. Its so amazing seeing these videos with such a massive improvement in no time at all. It really amazes me what this private company is able to do. All these bright minds working on such an incredible project. Its really inspiring. Makes me want to study mechatronics or something and work with something related to space :). Awesome 🔥
  • @TheEagleIFD
    That was awesome to watch and the music for this video was a great compliment to that.
  • @Carhill
    Amazing footage. Still can't believe we got to see that re-entry live.
  • @ToastNips
    In my personal opinion, one of the greatest flights from SpaceX to date! The plasma bit specifically. Unbelievable shots. Watching it live while at work, it will forever be burned into my memory.