Top 10 Games of 2021!

Published 2022-01-12
2021 has come and gone so it’s time to look back at all the games that were released in the year and pick the top 10. So join me as I run down them all, crowning one of them the game of the year for 2021, featuring the likes of Kena Bridge of Spirits, Deathloop, Halo Infinite and more!

Intro: 0:00
Number 10: 0:24
Number 9: 1:06
Number 8: 1:45
Number 7: 2:31
Number 6: 3:12
Number 5: 3:51
Number 4: 4:27
Number 3: 5:12
Number 2: 5:57
Previous GOTYs: 6:45
Number 1 GOTY: 6:57
Outro: 7:46

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All Comments (7)
  • My top 3 favourite games of the year are for sure , life is strange true colors , it takes two and kena bridge of spirits ! Great video 😄
  • @TeslaChad
    Man, I REALLY need to get around to picking up Psychonauts 2. It's one of those games I know I'm gonna love.
  • @CaptureReviews
    I remember when we collabed on one of these! Glad to see you haven't lose your touch one bit. Well done :)
  • @QubedSteak
    Great lineup! Could you do a piece on games you're excited about for 2022?