Zelda Game Box Art: JP vs US vs EU

Published 2023-02-09
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Video Game box art used to be the biggest defining factor of a video game purchase and while they don’t hold quite as much relevance nowadays, it’s interesting to see how games were marketed over the years and how they changed the box art for various series across the EU, US and JP. In the first episode of Box Art VS we’re looking at one of Nintendo's biggest and longest running series The Legend of Zelda.

Intro: 0:00
The Legend of Zelda: 0:23
Ocarina of Time: 1:05
Majora’s Mask: 1:34
The Wind Waker: 2:23
The Minish Cap: 2:57
Twilight Princess: 3:31
Phantom Hourglass: 4:08
Spirit Tracks: 4:34
Ocarina of Time 3D: 5:13
The Wind Waker HD: 5:52
Twilight Princess HD: 6:20
Breath of the Wild: 6:44
Ending: 7:20
Outro: 7:40

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  • This is essentially the pilot for a new series so how this episode does and the response from you guys will determine whether I do more episodes. Let me know if you enjoyed it and what other platforms or series you’d like to see covered 😁
  • @vboyz21
    Great video mate! Can't wait for more
  • @JacobOlli
    Great video, Wind Waker is my favourite Zelda game as well 👍 Hope they put the Remaster on Switch 🤞
  • @TeslaChad
    Yo that Japanese Ocarina box art goes HARD
  • @NoobUCantBeat
    never realized how big of a difference the box arts were, awesome video!
  • @PogoFrost
    its the same game just the art on the box is different right?
  • @Dazza768
    Woah I didn’t realise how many games Zelda has 😮 us box art is defo the worst overall