Upcoming Games to Look Forward to in 2022! (Part 2)

Published 2021-10-31
#Games2022 #NewGames #UpcomingGames

Another year and another slew of incredible games. 2022 is absolutely packed to the brim with new titles and in this two part video I’ll be covering the biggest and best games you should be looking forward to next year from God of War Ragnarok, Final Fantasy XVI, Breath of the Wild 2 and so much more. I’ll be talking about each game's story, release date, gameplay and so much more so you can decide which ones to buy in 2022!

Intro: 0:00
Game 11: 0:21
Game 12: 1:02
Game 13: 1:51
Game 14: 2:32
Game 15: 3:19
Game 16: 3:57
Game 17: 4:39
Game 18: 5:21
Game 19: 5:58
Game 20: 6:38
Outro: 7:09

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All Comments (7)
  • @JacobOlli
    Good video 👍
    Hope we will get a cookbook, for recipes we have already made in BOTW 2.
    I'm also hoping for Xenoblade 3, new Fire Emblem, and Wolfenstein 3.
  • @TorisGalaxy
    Reaaaally excited for plague tale requiem, I played the first one and I was surprised that I enjoyed it so I have high hopes for this one 🤔🥰
  • I am glad Gow ragnarok will be available on ps4 , with painfully long cuts scenes probably, cause where I live ps5 are still hard to come by lol 😆