10 Interactive Story Games You Must Play

Published 2022-09-17
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A lot of games are about shooting, killing, precision and fast paced action but sometimes you want the story to take center stage over the gameplay itself. In that case interactive story games are perfect for those moments, filled with worlds and characters you can really connect to that you can also influence unlike a movie. In this video I run down 10 must play interactive games from games like Oxenfree to Detroit Become Human and Life is Strange.

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Game 1: 0:27
Game 2: 1:21
Game 3: 2:04
Game 4: 2:58
Game 5: 3:45
Game 6: 4:29
Game 7: 5:09
Game 8: 5:56
Game 9: 6:38
Game 10: 7:31
Outro: 8:18

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