10 Modern JRPGs You Must Play

Published 2022-07-27
#JRPGS #RolePlayingGames

Japanese Role Playing Games aka JRPG’s are one of gaming's most popular genres that has been around for decades from Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest to Persona and Yakuza. In this video I run down 10 modern JRPG’s you can play on the latest gaming platforms (Playstation, Xbox, Switch and PC) that any fan of the genre must play giving you months of fantastic games to lose yourself in

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Number 2: 1:17
Number 3: 2:01
Number 4: 2:42
Number 5: 3:19
Number 6: 3:58
Number 7: 4:38
Number 8: 5:24
Number 9: 6:19
Number 10: 7:20
Outro: 8:22

You can purchase each of the games on Amazon here:
Ni No Kuni: amzn.to/3CAqbHx
Octopath Traveller: amzn.to/3AosQRN
DQ 11: amzn.to/3TnxxnB
Final Fantasy 7 remake: amzn.to/3dMZnJF
Tales of Arise: amzn.to/3AR1pS0
Yakuza: amzn.to/3ANbeRc
Fire Emblem: amzn.to/3R3j8eu
Xenoblade Definitive Edition: amzn.to/3Tiuxc6
Nier Automata: amzn.to/3cm0U9c
Persona 5 Royal: amzn.to/3ALAze9

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All Comments (15)
  • Yakuza Like A Dragon was just announced as the PS Essential game for next month. Hows that for good timing?! 😂
  • @iansearplays
    Your content and this video in particular is great. I just wish there was more of it.
  • @JacobOlli
    Great video, one of my favourite genres as well 👍
    I still need to play Nino Kuni 1(i already played 2), Persona 5, Dragon Quest XI, Nier games, Tales of Arise. And want the upcoming Soul Hackers 2.
    And i'm beginning Yakuza 4, so still need a couple of games there as well + spinoffs (i already bought them, so can't save money when they hit ps plus haha)
    But my backlog is too big, and i just started playing Xenoblade 3 haha 😀
  • @QubedSteak
    JRPGs are beautiful forms of art! I've never had much of a interest but you gotta give them their props!
  • @Dazza768
    I have all the trophies for tales of arise, P Royale and nier excellent games loved yakza , dragon age and ff7 also
  • @Stunju
    the fact that the trails of cold steel series wasnt included on here is criminal
  • @jamiejj231
    Persona 5 Royal is one of the best games I’ve ever played
  • @morbidmike
    Did we just become best friends
    Wanna go Play Lufia in the garage
  • Even if i totaly enjoyed Arise, especially updated combat system, still think Berseria was better cause of party members and their personal stories
  • @jaylucien669
    Tales of Arise would've been perfect without all the extra skits and the seemingly never ending dialogue. If that's your thing then more power to ya. The world and the battle system are spectacular. The base story and all the characters are too. I personally just don't need to witness every single conversation between every single one them "every 5 minutes."
  • @jatats7743
    In chapter 2 of dq11 they force the player while playing the main story to flambouyantly prance around while wearing a purple feathered show girl outfit, all while leading a pride parade of which Sylvando is the star of. And so much more throughout the game as well. We get it, that character is super gay. Good for him- but why do I have to take part?