Toby Keith - Should've Been A Cowboy (Official Music Video)

Published 2009-06-16

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  • @justinclark8867
    You fought a real hard battle, Toby. Rest easy now cowboy.
  • @danielbarger9749
    Toby was a great American. He did over 200 shows for U.S. troops overseas, and loved his Country. He's an American Icon. His heart bled Red, White, and Blue. R.I.P. Toby.
  • @thefloridaman41
    As a veteran thank you for all you did for us, and for me particularly thank you for buying me lunch that time at your restaurant, as a young PFC I didn’t have much money so that really helped me. God Speed sir, hope you are having burgers and beer with Jesus tonight
  • @noidea1962
    I always thought I would die by 26...don't know why, just thought that. Well, at the beginning of this year, I turned 62, one day the thought was 'Hmm, maybe I had the numbers turned around, and 62 is the year.' Well, dammed if I wasn't diagnosed with throat cancer about a week later. Then, with NO idea that Toby was sick, I saw him and was astonished at how his cancer had affected him. Anyway, I started radiation and chemo in late February, have lost a cool 50 pounds...and this song, THIS song will not leave my head, and hasn't for weeks. If I make it through this, (the doc says 94% chance I -will-!), I will always thank Toby for this crazy song. If I don't...then I hope I get to hear him sing it in person. RIP Toby, you were always one of my favorites.
  • @user-xz9fp4gz9n
    Toby we love you. My husband and I have seen you a dozen times in person. We gave that legacy to our Granddaughter who is 9. She loves you so much, your death was hard for her. She still listens to you every weekend. We give her my phone on the way home on Sunday she plays your songs all the way home and takes about 40 minutes. You have touched so many generations, someone we not only love but respect.
  • @angelgeorge3590
    The 1st song I wanted to hear when I learned of Toby’s passing, RIP ! Your music will always be a part of my life.
  • @justinharvey1355
    There will never be another like the great Toby Keith. Rest In Peace. 🇺🇸
  • @scarecrow8844
    Country music in the 90s needed Toby Keith. Just a down-home, old fashioned, red-blooded American who loved god, his wife, and his country. God speed, Mr. Keith.
  • @185chargers
    We need more Toby Keith's in this world not less. This hurts.. RIP, Toby.😢
  • @tracypool9856
    I live two miles from his house...he's a true blue good Ole country boy...who sang it like life really you Tobi...RIP ypuve always been a Cowboy.❤
  • @jackspry9736
    RIP Toby Keith (July 8, 1961 – February 5, 2024), aged 62 You will be remembered as a legend.
  • @davidcoffman5990
    RIP to one of the greatest country musicians to every pick up a guitar.
  • He was one of our great country singers I'm the cow boy son remember he was a country singer because that's how he wanted to be remembered
  • @user-qg2qf5xm1n
    I had to listen to the song because I so love it. Because sadly, just found out that Toby Keith passed away from stomach cancer. He was only 62. Rest in Peace to one of the great country singers. God Bless you Toby and to your family.🙏