The PERFECT Start in Minecraft Hardcore

Published 2023-03-01
Oh, look, another Minecraft YouTuber is starting a Hardcore series! I wonder if this one will be any different...

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All Comments (21)
  • @Skyes
    Beautiful episode, see you next year!
  • @greekgandhi
    Can't wait for my grandchildren to watch episode 2 with me!!!
  • "Deforestation is only a problem if I can see it." Underrated line, that had me dying.
  • @dogpog7406
    Even though Mystery Ore's upload schedule doesn't fit everyones liking, you can't deny the quality of his videos. Rather than pumping out videos once a week like many Minecraft creators, he puts quality before quantity which I respect. See you in 2024!
  • @Vojovnick
    I love how no one gets sad or scared when this dude doesnt upload for a while because we're used to it, can't wait for part 2 next year
  • @LukaSpasojevich
    Am I the only one that has been playing minecraft for 10 years and still haven't killed the ender dragon in survival
  • @jononpaper
    3:11 Deforestation is only a problem if i can see it - Every politician ever
  • @tian297
    5 videos and already more than half a million subs. What a legend. Welcome back, MysteryOre!
  • @doinkens
    8:28 "Where's ol' fifth leg at?" EXCUSE ME SIR 😭😭
  • @clxudy_fvse
    2:11 lmaooo "that fifth leg of yours is really slowing you down"
  • @duffyscottc
    This is the funniest, most original survival let's play I've ever seen. Keep it up
  • @Beppojoe
    Most satisfying minecraft videos out there
  • @ironime6969
    I honestly wondered y did this mysterious man with a mysterious name disappeared at a mysterious time and now he's back with the most mysterious thinking vids 🤔
  • @Braekpo1nt
    It's been a long time since a hardcore series made me laugh out loud and want to watch more. Thanks!!
  • @kindofagod7
    This man is proof high quality content will get you places. He has literally 6 videos and 700k subs. Legend.
  • (0:43) I just like how the goat charges at you after you say.. "If you're going to stay, you might as well make yourself useful"