Beating Minecraft According to TikTok...

Published 2023-10-26
Today I attempted to beat minecraft by only using what tiktok told me to do. This was probably a mistake

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TikTok has always had an abundance of minecraft content, but today I went and found out if their minecraft videos were actually helpful. This isn't when you visit your old minecraft world, if minecraft was controlled by twitter, or any video like that. This is beating minecraft according to TikTok.

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  • @ChuckNasty
    I dunno why I thought this was a good idea lmao
  • @tacoheadking6353
    This man sacrifices his sanity every video for us, massive respect to him
  • @donutking1137
    Bro, wouldn't be surprised if Frankie followed these tips.
  • @shgamer2437
    fun fact: fallen trees do exist

    only in bedrock and they dont have leaves btw
  • @Golem2OO8
    6:16 The flower trick works if you use bonemeal on a tall flower. You can also trade dyes in Java Edition
  • @rahalava9400
    Relying on tik tok on how to play Minecraft was a bigger mistake than the new AI movie posters
  • @goodwife6284
    The last tiktok he watched was actually true btw

    The fire trick is true even if it's evil just remember to actually place a water source in the animal pen
    The creeper trick can be applied to every explosion in the game because it abuses how the explosions work,
    It's used by speedrunners in order to not blow themselves up with their beds while killing the dragon.
    It's also used for end crystal pvp.
    Edit: crop one got confirmed by the reply's.
    Thanks for the info!
  • @MrSammy465
    Bro scrambled his Minecraft knowledge for our entertainment. Respect
  • @FunnyM0nk3y1
    Chuck Nasty can always make us laugh while sacrificing his brain cells. Long live Father Chuck!
  • @urnix69

    Hey, at least that guy had the creativity to say that sleeping in the Nether will transport you into the End!!!
  • @BurrritoYT
    5:56 is the most gruesome thing I’ve seen since Phase 35
  • @foxyolk
    You forgor the tide pods chuck 💀💀💀
  • @WhitedMC_
    You never let me down chuck, keep it up! 🙏
  • @Gigi-ey1wv
    6:34 I got a kid in my class that sounds exactly like this named Caden 💀
  • @woolier5155
    7:04 that ninja audio made die of laughter love the vids keep up the good work