I Survived 2000 Days in Hardcore Minecraft [FULL MOVIE]

Published 2023-12-30
After surviving over 2000 days, I've built a fully working plane, the safest base, the world's largest furnace, collected every rare item, and so much more.

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This MINECRAFT HARDCORE SERIES is inspired by Wadzee, MumboJumbo, Grian, and Sandiction! Instead of being the Hermitcraft SMP, this series is similar to a MINECRAFT CHALLENGE video because it is HARDCORE MINECRAFT! aCookiegod also with his hardcore Minecraft videos This is similar to my 100 DAYS in MINECRAFT HARDCORE but better!

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  • @badgers48
    The dedication is unreal. I’m so happy I found this channel. Truly the Mrbeast of Minecraft.
  • @AxDtaps
    Respect for him paying 500$ just for this video
  • @user-ny8kr9kr2w
    You gotta respect the dedication and hard work Carvs puts in. No other content creator will be the same, keep up the good work man❤ Edit lets go i got 11 likes
  • @pallavidethe2829
    Carvs I just want to let you know that you have inspired me a lot. Your videos are really well edited.
  • @guywithacart
    Carvs is the best minecraft youtuber because he has 16 videos, and he has 1.32 million subscibers!1!1!. Love you, Carvs!
  • @nikilioz470
    As always… never letting us down 😊 Just imagine Carvs is working day and night just to make us happy, what i want to say that you’ve got to give him some respect! (I’m not bot btw for you nerds out there😑)
  • @moileb
    Guess it's time to binge watch Carvs
  • @Hollow_Guy.
    Hi Carvs ! I follow you from France, and your videos are, in my opinion, the bests Minecraft videos on YouTube. Thank you for your incredible projects ! -A french viewer 🇫🇷
  • @Oddzie716
    Can you pls post more vids carvs you are the best
  • @MjAllenba
    Thank you for making us happy carvs
  • @Reapkergamingrbx
    Carv is one of my favourite youtuber who agrees👑👑🗣️❤
  • @xjpa
    wow, now I have a lot of youtube to watch in the background while playing Minecraft