I Built a Minecraft Plane That Actually Works

Published 2023-08-07
I Built a Working Plane In Minecraft


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This MINECRAFT HARDCORE SERIES is inspired by Wadzee, MumboJumbo, Grian, and Sandiction! Instead of being the Hermitcraft SMP, this series is similar to a MINECRAFT CHALLENGE video because it is HARDCORE MINECRAFT! aCookiegod also with his hardcore Minecraft videos This is similar to my 100 DAYS in MINECRAFT HARDCORE but better!

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  • @SB737
    I accept being classified as an average minecraft player
  • @mowerthelawn451
    Now we just need him to build two skyscrapers and the set will be complete.
  • @lifeofme702
    i love how this guy made a plane with things you’d have in a minecraft base and didn’t add actual seats 😂
  • @Ryasis12345
    Key Terms: Vertical Stabilizer - Has rudder function for moving on the Z Axis Horizontal Stabilizer - Adds Elevator controls to move on the Y Axis Just a former Airplane Mech giving some Terminology
  • @WashedBeansInPot
    Man I would be a shame if there were 2 identical structures in the flight path
  • @TimeBucks
    Respect all the hard work this guy does
  • @Tax_collector
    "hope we dont run into mountains. or... anything like that." like a tower or two?😈
  • @EdenCollett
    I loved how you made sure each animal got on the plane, despite many falling off or you went to quick... that is pure resiliance as you could've easily just given up on the spot, we need more Youtubers like this.
  • @Imamatheharrys
    Im glad you actually admitting that you didn’t do it on your own and you needed the red stone help,it’s a nice change of pace to see a YouTuber that isn’t faking for ince
  • @user-rc1zc3gv3v
    Pingu is an absolute genius with flying machines, this is fricken sick!
  • @AmanJareef
    Tip: To avoid fall damage for any mobs or animals, splash a slow-falling potion on them.
  • @Jordan-dr3wo
    Since the plane can only go in one direction, it would be a really fun way of reaching the farlands (or world border, since the farlands don't really exist, anymore)
  • @yellowwinner1
    Can I just say, this is the first time I've seen someone utilize the Minecart with Furnace unironically for at least a decade. That's really the feature of the video. Also my man just dropped into the backrooms at the end there lmao
  • @fezza6143
    Fall damage is based on air time. So when the mooshroom cow died it was because of the time it was kept in the air, not how softly it landed.
  • @jeepmega629
    Be careful to not encounter two towers while driving this plane
  • @as9499
    "Hopefully we don't run into the mountains or anything like that" -A certain pilon before a certain incident.