Guess The Build || All Builds Combined

Published 2023-11-16

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  • @Van-dq4sw
    I love how, with them all together, you can start to see the patterns about where each person Goes Wrong (and by that I mean makes it fun, because the point of this is not to make it good, it's to make it funny :) ). Grian - bites off more than he can chew conceptually (appliances???? rapunzel's tower???) Gem - overdetails when something's already done Joel - World Edit Crimes; but more really, overspecifying Impulse - bites off more than he can chew mechanically (size, deciding to work with villagers, etc) Jimmy - gets easily overwhelmed and wastes time freaking out Skizz - interpretation. The pathway from description to 'image' and back seems to have a little wonk, and it's where things go funky.
  • @h0l0grm26
    Skizz looking at anything: is this building??
  • @MonadoJoJo
    For a channel called Hermitcraft Clips, this is even better now that Skizz and Joel are now offical Hermits!!
  • @revilo7349
    7:35 dadadada im loving it.... he says, very much not loving it
  • @NickAndriadze
    Very well-done edit of all the clips, this was a really fun event even if the ''you have to watch every pov of the same one event to get the full picture'' was janky. This video fixed that though! My favourite parts of this was Jimmy's chicken turning into an actual ''chick'' thanks to Gem's oblivious wording and Impulse's... horniness I guess??? Skizz turning absolutely everything into a building, Jimmy using nothing but bricks and also SOMEHOW nailing the fact that that horrific smiley face was Mumbo, saving what would've been an aweful streak of builds... Awesome, just awesome. These guys collaborating is the best. Again, how did we manage to end up with two rapunzels? It's such an oddly specific thing, yet it happened twice in a row, fully independently.
  • @cat5lover862
    I think the funnest thing is that Skizz doesn’t know who Rumpunzal is
  • @user-xm1od9nb1m
    Joel seeing random girl with blonde short hair: well its obviously Rapunzel
  • @gamerxx1943
    Already wached all of them would have been great if i saw this 1st