I Collected Every Illegal Item In Minecraft Hardcore

Published 2022-10-06
In this video we go back in time through Minecrafts versions to collect the most illegal items in the game in 100% hardcore! If you enjoyed this video remember to leave a like, it helps ya boy out a lot :D

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All Comments (21)
  • @shnazzydan
    Kolanii's unenthusiastic enthusiasm is just peak comedy
  • @Skyes
    youre actually insane, i think you have the greatest hardcore world now
  • @user-uu8kh8yp7v
    The “visible happiness”part is the only time I heard so much emotion from kolanii 🙂
  • @veinzi7121
    i can’t believe that time machine was so easy to build
  • @DEEPTHI2208
    Did anyone realise while he made floating kolanii there was an enderman stealing a dirt block in his "mirror"?
  • @1eny
    you're not only collecting an illegal items, you're exploring the nostalgia
  • @madmacaw6177
    When he mentioned the fully enchanted feather falling tools I laughed out loud
  • @halfmovies4279
    “destroy all the evidence” proceeds to crudely place 2 blocks that look entirely out of place
  • @muneeb-khan
    Really cool. Going through Minecraft history. One thing you missed is unburnable wood blocks which you get by getting slabs in a specific version where they don’t burn and updating.
  • 22:11 I was so emotionally invested by this point, that enderman moving blocks under the mirror made me angry 🤣
  • @HallyBestCat
    first vid ive seen from this guy and love his chaotic but passive energy, makes me want to do this myself
  • @will0999
    11:23 my man just found the rarest item ever and didn’t even care
  • the chicken that attacked you was acually a killer chicken that only existed in one update
  • This is my first time watching this guy, and I am unbelievably flabbergasted as to how he had the will to complete all of this. This guys sanity is literally made of steel.
  • the carrot and potato textures are so funny, old minecraft really was such a silly time back then.. this is so entertaining