I Collected The Rarest Items In Minecraft Hardcore

Published 2023-12-02

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  • @christinevee4877
    I love how both these "illegal" videos showcase just how awful the boats used to be.
  • The one block at a time update... I have played around enough to learn a few things about it 1. throwing an item straight up so it hits you will put it on your head 2. If you press f you can put an item in your other hand if you shift click a tamed donkey or horse you can access your inventory by pressing f you can move the item from your offhand to your inventory... If you have keep inventory on this becomes a better ender chest btw 3. If you have an item in hotbar slot 3 lets say and press 3 you can key bind to slot 3 and if you press "Q" you throw item 3 :>
  • @FelixDCat_12
    He’s done it… the first person to obtain every command block AND a barrier block AND a structure block AND a jigsaw block, all in 100% hardcore… Kolanii, you are a living legend.
  • @Kolanii
    minecraft nostalgia ftwwww
  • @steampunk_jax
    fun fact: You could have kept your stack of 200+ tools, if you hover over a slot in a chest and click the Number key the corresponds to its spot in your hotbar you can move around the whole stack of 200 and keep it as one.
  • @Alix49
    Every time he posts a video, he does something amazing. This is quality content
  • @thefilth768
    The commitment to the grind is unparalleled
  • @demonx7130
    Should we tell him about the farm land block?
  • @moonskunkie
    I know that a lot of people will say that they're being "fed" whenever a musician or content creator posts something new for example. I think Kolanii feeds us irregularly but everytime he does we know it'll be good because we know he's worked hard to give us the best meal he can.
  • @2DJoYogurt
    I was literally starting to get so mad that he hadn’t collected a state head because that is a pretty illegal item. So the end was a treat.
  • @solidminecraftx
    Petition to have Kolanii make the 300 days Ocean only world 👇
  • @WyvernLP
    ....Holding one block looks like a fun idea though. Flying with a chicken? throwing your enemies? throwing blocks? etc
  • @BoxxdByMoney
    I love kollani!! Hes finally back! In aa world of fake annoying hardcores he makes the most rewatchable fun videos
  • @disgust4941
    Yeah, Minecraft police? This guy right here 🫵
  • @the_guy84
    He needs to turn this into a vault, and it can only be opened at the end of the world, and it needs to be never ever touched again