Can You Farm 10,000,000 Eggs in 100 Minecraft Days?

Published 2024-02-03
Can You Farm 10,000,000 Eggs in 100 Minecraft Days?

❤️ Video inspired by ‪@rekrap2‬'s melon series
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🔖 Chapters:
00:00 Intro
00:36 Getting Started
06:26 Iron Farms
09:39 Chicken Coop
10:37 Finishing Iron Farms
13:49 Auto Hatchers
15:24 Wood Farming
17:45 Problems
19:41 Nature Strikes Back
21:02 Finishing Wood Farming
22:15 The Storage System
23:57 Game Breaks
25:17 Finishing Storage
27:09 Egg Collecting
28:32 The Counting Process

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All Comments (21)
  • @lcc6149
    0:45 "I harvested my first house" that a brand new sentence.
  • @purplehaze2358
    "I needed some space for those iron farms, and I don't have time for morals." Spoken like a true capitaIist burning down the Amazonian rainforest to make room for farmland.
  • @rekrap2
    Dang this video was insane and literally made me laugh out loud. GGs and I'm excited to see what you do next!
  • @Beppojoe
    Bro this is insane! Epic video bro
  • @kestrelgaming554
    " it's wasn't me, it was the man in the chicken costume" 🐔 Egg-cellent
  • @TraderOnYoutube
    now you can make 333,333k of cakes, you would have one egg left!
  • @genghiskhan6688
    One can see that a ton of preparation went into this. Congratulations on your endurance! I would have given up just in the "planning" stage.
  • @purplehaze2358
    Stick trades, though undeniably a great source of emeralds, aren't actually the best trade for quick and easy emerald acquisition. That would be clay trades; you have no idea how quickly you can get a full stack of emeralds with just a few mason villagers and a nearby river.
  • This video taught me a valuable lesson Always have your friends buried nearby in case you need them
  • @foldedcastle3865
    Finally A ytber on a "can i farm x amount of items" without spending the first 10 days "oH lEtS trY By FarMInG EggS By HanD ohohohohoh" So kudos for the effort. Deserved a sub :)
  • @jrkishoreram
    Atleast Aust was honest enough to refer to his dominion over villages at 10:47 as he drops them into their CELLS.
  • @Right_Sune
    I know people have tried this with arguably harder items, but eggs is just... funny lol Also your vids are so relaxing to watch. 554th like gets a cookie (to claim it comment reply to this comment 👉👈)
  • @moony980
    can i just say i love your voice. it's so peaceful and calming, and i appreciate that you don't feel the need to scream or talk super loud and fast to keep viewers' attention. def my new favourite mcyt
  • @Chill_Fflam
    Great video Aust! This one was definitely your most eggciting one yet! I found it quite eggxtraordinary.
  • @ComedicChicken
    Proud to be part of this video, glad I contributed 3 eggs :)
  • @mhm6421
    20:52 "It thought a valuable lesson. Always have some friends buried nearby in case you need them"
  • @WelcominTV
    Banger video, but do we know what came first?