Hermitcraft 10: Episode 1 - THE START

Published 2024-02-03
Hermitcraft 10 episode 1 grian makes a start on the new hermitcraft season. Things may be approached differently this season, more games, avoiding villagers, avoiding creative server, more fun!

Hope you enjoy!

Thank you to Drbracewell for creating the Demise datapack
Credit for inspiration: www.instagram.com/snarple_/

#hermitcraft #minecraft

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  • @its_lenny8207
    What Grian has done with the captions is absolutely lovely! The color coded AND labeled text is so easy consume. As a caption reader, we all thank you Grian!
  • @OneTruePeanut
    I need to say I really appreciate the hermits that have Subtitles on their videos, as someone who's severely hearing impaired It really warms my heart to see independant content creators committing to doing that when even some multi-million dollar streaming services dont bother to do more than closed captioning. I just like Grian's in particular because of the color coding for each different hermit, I think Zedaph does that too and it's just really nice to see people go the extra mile to make the subtitles pretty.
  • @janesanders2728
    45:01 Scars scream slowly fading away is one of the funniest things I’ve seen in my life, it sounds like a cartoon.
  • "Squeeze a lime in my guacamole, because this is a massive cave."
    –Grian, 1878
  • @Zaxlfang
    "Squeeze a lime in my guacamole because this is a big cave"
    Grian, can you PLEASE make a tutorial video on how you come up with these phrases?
  • @manatee5936
    32:12 You literally built a bridge for the zombie to come and attack you, that's pretty generous to help him out like that lol.
  • Everyone living on the cherry mountain should live inside it and call it Cherry Hollow. You can light it all up and clear out the dripstone and make a little underground city! For lighting up the ceiling, a nice aesthetic would be the glow berries, and moss would be a nice touch. You can create pretty particles by having cherry blossom leaves and the large pink flowers (I forgot the names).
  • Mumbo saying “should the sun be moving?” Followed by “a group of professionals” on the screen certainly was a way to start this season

    Cheers everyone
  • @nasherbig
    45:00 "Ok! Alright! So where does AHHHHHHHHHH" Scar is the clumsiet funniest guy ever lmaoooo
  • @ellie-angel9254
    "We could literally create secret tunnels through the mountain between our bases". Literally all I heard was 🎶SECRET TUNNELLLLLLL, SECRET TUNNELLLLLLL, THROUGH THE MOUNTAIN, SECRET SECRET SECRET SECRET TUNNELLLL🎶
  • @Kelp-uu5ht
    “Frolicking around in the flowers alone with a sword” is basically the new definition of Gem.
  • @stevdor6146
    "my levels!!" death is like a pringles can, once you pop, you just can't stop
  • @janesanders2728
    17:44 Grian’s cursor being directly on a heart ❤️ (in the stone) reminds me of the life games.
  • @BennettSelden
    "And I've been part of some BAD PAYOFFS" THE WAY THE VILLAGERS TURN AND LOOK AT HIM 3:38
  • Grian's contagious laughter/giggles are everything, I can't help but grin
  • 47:47 best opportunity for "Well actually, I kept my diamonds over here!-" from the one bit with Mumbo
  • @inconspicuous45
    Grian cutting out every single dirty joke about cracks, holes and the “crack alley” is hilarious bro
  • I loved that you mentioned the date the server was actually opened! It’s so refreshing to have some insight to what days you guys actually recorded the episodes and see how much progress the hermits make in actual day to day time!
    Also loved the episode Grian (: