Hermitcraft 10: Episode 8 - RANKING HERMITS

Published 2024-03-15
In this episode of Hermitcraft season 10, Mumbo ranks all of the members of Hermitcraft by their weirdness when it comes to playing Minecraft. Each member of Hermitcraft has a unique (AKA weird) way of playing, and today we are ranking our personal opinions against the audience. This Hermits vs Audience episode was a lot of fun to make! Etho explains his deranged desk setup, Mumbo shifts with his thumb, Grian plays with a 2008 headset, and Joe Hills has a footpedal for sprint.

Filming channel: youtube.com/user/ThatMumboJumbo2
Instagram: www.instagram.com/officialmumbo/
Twitter: twitter.com/ThatMumboJumbo

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  • @Keralis
    I’m just left-handed! 😂
  • I love how Grian’s headset is possibly older than a sizeable portion of his audience Edit: I am concerned, please do not let strangers on the internet know your age
  • "I've payed for the whole Keyboard, I'm goin to use the whole Keyboard" Ren, apparently
  • @c9b7
    "Thank you for the invite to this freak show... I'm just left-handed" is absolutely sending me 😭
  • @ngabel8956
    I like the idea that someone gives Mumbo a thumbs up and he gets all self-conscious about his thumb-shifting
  • @ellesvenne6479
    After learning that mumbo also uses WASD with his index finger, he should be back at the top of the list.
  • @coulissart
    15:36 Keralis is so effortlessly funny that Etho drops dead on the spot
  • @jaxonmcalley
    Mumbo: "Where does the microphone come from?" Cleo: "The staircase is—" Everyone: "Nah, mate, I'm out."
  • @MundaTheDrow
    Joe is hilarious, “How do you not go car noises everywhere?” “That’s what the mute pedal is for.”
  • @benmeier5199
    I love how some hermitcraft episodes are really roleplay and lore heavy and then there’s stuff like this where it’s just a bunch of regular people playing a video game roasting each other’s weird setups
  • @woojinlee2481
    Gem: Sprint as Caps lock, F5 as R False: I as inventory Grian: Inventory with F, 2008 headsets Joehill: Footpedals to sprint and controls, drop is - Keralis: Left handed, shifts with thumb, jumps with pinky Renthedog: E as forward, x as backwards, a as left, f as right Impulse: Inverted mouse controls Mumbo: Shifts with thumb Zombiecleo: Couch gameplay, dangles mic from staircase Ethos: Kleenex box as mic stand, keyboard up until elbows, sideways mouse, mousepad as wrist rest
  • ...Gem just has small hands and Joe is honestly an innovator. Did NOT expect Cleo coming out of left field with *soda cans*.
  • @Azerathofzarthon
    I love how this episode shows that not all the hermits have big fancy set ups with tons of equipment. It makes it all feel more attainable. And makes the hermits feel more personable
  • @cpmario97227
    Don’t forget the new realization that Mumbo uses ONLY his pointer finger to control WASD
  • @prudentia_8813
    Mr. Mumbo "one minute a day on social media" Jumbo returning to Twitter just so he could feel normal about his thumb shift thing is hysterical, Etho's setup really has opened up a can of worms
  • @Xenronnify
    So to recap, Mumbo's hand breakdances on his keyboard Cleo is the comfiest hermit, but her mousepad is technically explosive Keralis is in denial Impulse is MLG pro from 2008, which is also where Grian gets his headsets. Joehills is just a drummer, but he may not realize it Grian is a headset hoarder Ren has the largest hands of any human person False is just a lil quirky, and Gem is just a lil too good at the game. And Etho is... Etho.
  • @BCowcorn
    Mumbo: "I've just embraced the fact that I press shift with my thumb. It's just part of my identity." Mumbo four days later: Makes video in which he goes to great pains, literally, to break himself of his thumb-shifting and other odd keying habits.
  • @Musicgun47
    Watching this now is even funnier having seen Mumbo's video about trying to fix his thumb shifting only to realise he was also just using his index finger to press wasd.