Hermitcraft 10: Episode 2 - FISH!

Published 2024-02-07
Hermitcraft 10 episode 2 grian makes a start on the new hermitcraft season. Our goals are derailed by the urge to fish.

Hope you enjoy!

#hermitcraft #minecraft

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  • @calypsoul
    I swear my whole body tensed at 27:13 when he tossed those rails, like some primal instinct to not waste ANY iron, especially when about to do a big minecart project
  • @DaveTpletsch
    Ooooh Grian. You should use some of that space and lava in your vertical mine to make a dripstone lava farm to fuel your furnaces. Then you won't ever be out of fuel again.
  • @Fonziyoutube
    Grian: I’m sick of fishing.

    Scar on the top of the scaffold: When life gives you a fishing rod you fish or send etho out of orbit
  • @Maciprime
    Grian is the Bob Ross of minecraft. "And now, we asd the deepslate. Not too much....just to ad some...asymmetry.. "
  • @beastbomber2316
    Dont give up on fishing Grian, 99% of gamblers quit before their big win!
  • @Dylanocity
    I like how Grian makes this awesome fishing hut and pier to fish from, and then imediately goes to fishing on a boat instead of using the pier he just built.
  • The chat is funny to read sometimes
    Gem: we are both dead
    Zed: I can be double dead!
    Gem: its rest in PEACE zed
  • @lylacsys494
    I love that grian has the magical ability to spread procrastination to other hermits. its beautiful.
  • @wrenlou3149
    Curse of Binding on a pumpkin for a living player, not a direct kill but really make them think of it.
  • @shaniraath5135
    G: “Do you have… a mending book?”
    The Ocean: “Go fish”
    a passive aggressive card game at its best
  • @Cc-vu9mr
    Grian said: "Mumbo might win!"
    Mumbo: proceeds to afk
  • @wither_klng2881
    I absolutely *love* the fact that it's slow now. Previous seasons, everyone had full diamond with elytra and beacons within 4 episodes, but so far this one feels like it's going to be a more fun pace
  • I'm thoroughly enjoying the slower, more intricately detailed pace of this season. Especially at parts where he gives small tips and suggestions. Learning things like that is so fun! Love it Grian! ❤
  • @philbarbato
    I’m loving that so many hermits are embracing the slow life this season and just enjoying each other’s company. It’s so nice.
  • @ivyashfox4837
    an idea for all the puffers, make an "excuse" shop,
    "have plans you want to avoid? just eat one of these handy-dandy 'excuses' and you can call in guilt free!!!"
    sell the puffers as excuses or for premium customers have like little stationary traps.
    i think that might gain a few giggles and would be funny to see what people do with it in the future

    just an idea for you :)