I Bought DISCONTINUED Products from Our Childhood

Published 2023-05-20
I Bought the most NOSTALGIC products to unbox and test! Everything from snacks, to toys, to tech! Watch these videos NEXT:
I Bought VIRAL TIKTOK Products from our Childhood!
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  • YouTube
    the nostalgia is real 🥹
  • SuperRaeDizzle
    Omg SKYDANCER!! I have very distinct memories of it flying right into my face 😂
  • Lovely Marcellia
    I love that she mentions the reason why her parents didn't buy those things for her. So it's not like... my parents were bad and cheap and didn't care about what I wanted.
  • Hunter Jaeger
    Fun fact- Sky Dancers did attempt a revival! It was last year, and it was called Sky Dancers Butterfly Dancer. It was by Just Play, and it looks like they only made 2 dolls, Violet and Rose. IDK if they're planning more, or if it failed as a reboot, but it's still interesting to note.
  • My older sisters had the original Easy Bake Oven. It was a mint green. And it came with a round cake pan, a rectangular cake pan, and 2 cookie sheets. And a little cupcake tin. You could actually use it in a real oven.
  • FantasyRogue
    I used to have an Easy Bake Oven as a kid and I never had problems with it, lol. But I miss a lot of these items... ah, my childhood!
  • cynroles
    The easy bake oven was easily my favorite toy as a kid. Born in 81 so I had all the 90’s toys. Teddy Ruxpin anyone?😅
  • Waffles4Life
    I love how when she was playing with the most dangerous toy, she said some kids needed to get stitches and literally a second later she said ‘’let’s play with it’’ 😂❤
  • Nintedo Nerds.
    I remember I used to have a minibake oven. it worked okay and I really enjoyed making my family sick on disguisting brownies I refused to eat, but my sisters ultimately pushed it off a high surface and destroyed it, crushing my baking dreams.
  • Fleurie De Lis
    I've had the peel a pops! The center was always really creamy vanilla ice cream, and the peel was fruit flavored gummy like substance. Both parts were really good!
  • SoberGirlLife
    I had Sky Dancers in the 90s and they were my FAVORITE thing. I get such a nostalgic feeling seeing one and thinking about them. lol I'd love to have one of the original ones from the 90s! Mine always ended up flying up onto the roof of my house and we'd have to wait for a pretty heavy storm or strong wind for it to be blown down from the roof. 🤣

    I'm not sure what kids were doing with them to get hurt, it sounds pretty ridiculous, I played with mine quite a bit and was never injured. The stupid ones always ruin it for the rest of us. When I say "the stupid ones", I don't just mean the kids. A lot of those injuries were most likely parents buying them for kids who were way too young to have them. They probably thought, "Eh, what could possibly happen. They only rate things like this to cover their asses." Then when their kid gets hurt, it's all the manufacturers fault. 🙄
  • Nikki
    I'm not from the US, but the Skydancers were universal! I had two, I absolutely loved them. It was a real art to pulling the string just right to get them to fly perfectly.
  • Liz Bilecki
    Took me back to my toy box as a kid! I had all those toys 🎉shout out to the single moms who still spoiled their kids!

    We NEED another video like this!
  • Caroline Cheney
    I remember having a version of an easy bake oven cause I really wanted one, and I remember making cookies and muffins that turned out flat. When I made the cookies or muffins, my mom wanted to get a picture of them. But she waited 10 seconds too late cause I already ate them lol. At the top you could melt the butter, and you had to buy your own ingredients. I was born in 2006, and I don’t remember the name of it or when I got it. I just remember seeing commercials for the easy bake oven, really wanting one, and getting a version of one and making cookies and flat muffins.
  • Lily Primrose
    You know, with most of these, if the creators tried a bit harder, like for the Sky Dancer, they've made Crystal Flyers and those things are hand sensored and immediately stop as soon as the wings touch anything, and now they're great, and with the hard candy Egg thing, Kinder Eggs, so if the creators worked harder on the other toys, they would have been best sellers, bc the concepts on them are really fun and creative
  • Chelsea Wolf
    I love the genuine excitement over the peel pop! 😄
  • Oliver
    I used to be obsessed with the easy bake! That just brought back memories. Ah, the good old days.. btw thanks for being amazing!
  • T
    The wonka peel a pop was actually covered in like a grape taffy. I can literally taste it still😂
    And I’m proud to say that I collected EVERY SINGLE sky dancer🤦🏼‍♀️😭😂
    And you weren’t living if you never took a road trip with a video now😆
    Ugh those were the DAYS