There are 2,000 New Armor Suits. (I got them all)

Published 2023-05-06

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  • @rekrap2
    Mojang added 4 more armor trims while making this video...
  • I love how half of the time rek is explaining complex Minecraft mechanics like it’s common knowledge, but then you hear “ThEy GlOw?”
  • Fun fact, diamonds are more common in close spaces rather than open ones, that also means that underwater caves have more diamonds since water counts a closing the diamond since it doesn't have a adjacent air block
  • @Wet_Deer
    Cool! I can’t wait for you to do every combination with every dyed leather set! (There are over 5 million leather colors possible)
  • @gscott6122
    Rek can somehow make collecting an absurd amount of random items in Minecraft one of the most entertaining Minecraft series yet
  • @azuquirtle
    "I guess you could say I did a bit of off-work camera" is one of the rekrap quotes of all time
  • @TimeBucks
    This has been genuinely really fun to watch
  • This is an amazing video, I really cannot get this much dedication to do this so this really lifted my spirits.
  • I was hoping to see someone insane enough to take on this challenge. I've been saying this ever since armour trims were announced. A full museum of every armour trim on every type of armour is more impressive and requires a much bigger time sink than a full netherite beacon! I fully respect the grind! Good luck to you!
  • @brucetoons
    Can't wait for part two where Rek learns that there are 5 more armour trims now...
  • @ShoTheEmcee
    I think the coolest thing about this video is watching someone who doesn't make new worlds very often experience the changes to terrain generation that we've had for a few years now.
  • @Mat01_
    Your Positive mind is just something else bro Subscribed
  • @Human_being86
    I love how even though Rek's been playing for ages, there's so many new things he finds out in this video.
  • @weesticles650
    Don't forget that it can also work with every color of dyed armor and every shade of dyed armor meaning the actual amount of combinations is well over 5,000 from what I remember.
  • For your hard work, I’ll sub cause this is actually really fun to watch