I Survived 100 Days of REAL LAWS in Minecraft

Published 2022-07-06
Following the law is easy, but not Minecraft Hardcore. And not for 100 days.

This is a silly hardcore 100 days video I've spent the last two months making on and off, so I hope you guys like it :)


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  • @Branzy
    Come on, did you think I could have it end any other way? ;)
  • @himikotoga4714
    I never realised real life laws would be so annoying in Minecraft
  • Branzy just went from ex convict to a typical movie villain without realising it 😂😂....
  • “Lawful is just Awful with a big fat L”

    Imma be using this in every DnD session 😂
  • @dovidkahn
    Branzy: The value of a Minecraft emerald into real life is $76,657.05.

    Matpat: Are you sure about that?
  • @lordmage3694
    Branzy: I’m not legally allowed to own a weapon
    Also Branzy: flashes sword at parole officer on day 11
  • @floppa9054
    Branzy: calls someone and asks them if he needs a hunting license permit for hunting wild sheep in minecraft
    He's gonna have a hell of a time explaining his search history.
  • @atherflame7626
    You legit got a permit to punch down trees. Mad respect my guy
  • @epsilicon
    Branzy: That looks far enough!
    1 block in Minecraft: 1 meter
    1 mile: ~1609.3 meters
    3 miles: ~4828 meters
    …meaning that the coast is >300 chunks away, which is wayyyyyyyyy out of render distance.
    “Far” enough indeed.
  • @latchp
    “Lawful is just awful with a big fat L”

    Branzy - 2022
  • @OR56
    2:24 That was perfectly legal. It was 100%, undeniably, self defence. The Raid was also Ok as you were defending a town from terrorists. You merely requisistioned the resources needed to save them.
  • @satellite156
    Branzy: If I could prove that I never broke the law, will you promise not to tell another soul what you saw?
    Officer: sure
    Branzy: blows up the town hall
  • @mysterioushi3032
    The fact branzy called the actual hunting services for video reasons makes it even better
  • @rohansahai9629
    This is probably one of the best videos I've seen from anyone in a long while, keep it up! Possibly turn this to a series?
  • @mcchick3n221
    The fact he survived 100 days in hardcore with no armor following laws is crazy
  • 4:46 this made me realize this wasn’t another one of those stupid kids channels. they actually know what they’re doing, and they actually are having a fun time, as actual human beings. They’re not just some people that do a crap ton of editing for views. You just deserved a sub man ❤
  • @bloodphoenixab
    And here I was waiting for you to bring up the zoning laws which prohibit you to live in your shed, prevent you from growing crops, determine setbacks (aka can't build right up to the border of the chunk), limit the number and type of animals you have, and much much more.
  • @rottenpotato2470
    "How could they have done this? I put my faith, my trust, my CARROTS, into these little creatures." -Branzy 2022
  • @Strawberry_Blue
    I love that Branzy includes the times he messed up, that honestly just makes it way funnier and more real, too xD