How NASA Prepared For Apollo 11's Landing On The Moon | Trajectory | Spark

Published 2022-11-18

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  • Michael Uttley
    I have a question. Why do the astronauts have to wear a full space suit for launch and how do they get out of them after launch.
  • MrJezvesp
    So it takes 50 years or so to do a return trip. Even Uber would of sacked you
  • Rob Gau
    They hired Stanley Kubrick. Jk
  • Mystickneon
    Current ESA projects have nothing to do with the events during the Apollo program. These segments, almost half the video, come across as advertising propaganda for the ESA and are a complete waste of time for someone wanting to learn about Apollo. Whomever is producing these videos need to go back to school and learn how to stay on target with the subject matter.
  • Bear Bones
    Haven't u concured the moon yet.. blast a dinosour off then I'll beleive u