What Happened After The Apollo 11 Lunar Landing | Trajectory | Spark

Published 2022-12-02

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  • Craig T
    That is so cool, I never knew there were so many missions on the moon.
    Thanks for making this very awesome and entertaining, cheers to you 🤟🎶
  • MyMomSays I'mCool
    My stepfather worked on Apollo through to the Space Shuttle. I’ve asked him repeatedly did we go to the moon. He said “ if not, had me fooled and thousands of others on recovery”. Got some neat souvenirs. Even has moon dust on piece of tape from Apollo 17. Why bother putting dust throughout capsule if faking it. His last job was Columbia recovery. 😢
  • Rob Thompson
    At the end she said "there are no plans to go back to the moon", We'll I'm not sure when this was recorded but it was released 1 hour before this comment.
    They must not had heard of the Artimis missions (the 1st stage currently orbiting the moon at time of writing).
    But the Artimis missions have been public for at least a year, So I wonder when this was recorded.
  • Orlando Tocano
    The origin of the moon is a story far more fascinating than whether we landed there or not, curiously it's rarely talked about
  • DFX Lab
    The space deniers and moon landing conspiracy theorists need to pay attention and watch this, they may learn something
  • Nikolaus Nighden
    Is it possible to see the colors from the spectrum in airless space?
  • Coffee Marshall
    4:58 NASA - "Have you tried turning the rocket on and off again....no no, you have to wait T-minus 30 seconds before turning it back on!!!"
  • When seen from the earth, the sun and the moon make the same sized disc. Its obvious during a total eclipse they are perfectly matched. I would like to hear any explanation about how that happened naturally.
  • vanadiumV
    and Mr Stanley Kubrick is smiling in his coffin !😂
  • Shane
    Only a few minor glitches huh!? I would say putting the Earth in the background in a pitch black sky without Stars anywhere would be one hell of a major glitch.
  • In Lee
    If Artemis 2 and 3 succeed I will believe in the Apollo moon landings, let's just wait and see..
  • D Mann
    Thank you for a daily dose of comedy. 😂😂😂
  • Shane
    So I guess all the stars disappear in a pitch black sky once you get to the moon huh lol! Seems like faking the moon missions would have been a good way to bankrupt the Soviet Union.
  • aaron jackson
    At 21:19 you can see the structures in the background that they were really recording. Look closely!
  • Jacob Lahr
    They coulda avoided all problems with Apollo 13 if they woulda skipped the 13 and went on with Apollo 14
  • H Shrestha
    someone said, "the studio light turned on".
  • vincent vanWyk
    What happened after? It was 1968 and filmed at the cannon Air force bass. The actors and crew went for a bite I suppose.