History Of The Dangerous Space Shuttle Program | Trajectory | Spark

Published 2022-12-09

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    I remember seeing the shuttle for the first time how aw I was of its massive size. I've been very fortunate to witness three launches it's nearly undescribable the amount of power being witnessed
  • Lawrence Allen
    135 missions, 2 catastrophic failures. NOTE: The Space Shuttle itself never failed. In both cases the launch system destroyed the space shuttle: SRB's leaked and burned a hole into the External Fuel Tank and blew it up in 1986, and ice+External Fuel Tank broke off and punched a hole in the Shuttle's wing. Now ask yourself this: If you launched the Saturn V 135 times, would you have seen 2 catastrophic failures?
  • As someone born early enough to remember the original run of Star Trek and yet young enough to wonder what's all the fuss about landing on the moon, I am amazed at how much of this I did not know.

    I knew there were troubles and stumbles with getting the shuttle up and running.

    I watched the first shuttle take off on TV. When weather and assent angle allowed, I could go outside and watch takeoffs live as I lived across the state south of Tampa for the majority of the shuttle's run.

    I remember when Challenger exploded, and Endeavor came apart. But a lot of this is actually new information
  • Tom Bystander
    John Young one of the greatest astronauts to ever live
  • Karen Fyhr
    This barely scratched the surface about the space shuttle, there's so much more to it..
  • henry towne
    Space is an inherently dangerous place to go. I worked as a software engineer for the Rockwell STSSOC program at Mission Control, Johnson Space Center for over 20 missions. The launch pad is 39b at KSC. The SRB tests were run at Morton Thiokol testbed in Huntsville Alabama after the Challenger launch failure. The Canadian Arm was the crane mounted on the shuttle. The MMU was the sled used to get astronauts around for service maneuvers. Then there was Columbia crash that was caused by launch damage... You learn as you go; Hubble and the ISS "schooled" us often. Telemetry rules! Lots of moving parts that require some serious coordination.
  • Larry Southern
    If it sounds too good to be true..it probably is...when I. read about
    Von Braun not going along with the
    Space shuttles design and the scathing discussion he had about the boosters and their dangers.. I began to tke notice.
    And lo and behold..he was right. and they (NASA) fired him for it.
  • Scott Gregg
    Apollo was more dangerous than the Shuttle. Apollo killed three astronauts and had two mission failures, in only 17 missions. The shuttle had 135 mission and killed 14. That means you are statistically more likely to die on or be part of, a failed mission on Apollo than on the Shuttle.
  • Daniel Valencia
    Just you wait till the optimism over start ship dies once it kills it's crew.
  • As soon as I heard her accent I knew we were in store for the metric system! We don't use that here! I have no idea how high 4 kilometers is and don't want to have to flip back and forth to Google. Really frustrating
  • Astroblue
    the shuttle program continues today but it is top secret
  • JustinAH
    And Elon Musk wants to land a Heavy-lift rocket the size of an office building back on it's pad!🤣🤣
  • Bill Tritt
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