Why These Rocks on Mars Shocked Perseverance Scientists the Most | 1st Year Supercut

Published 2023-02-20
Everything NASA's Perseverance saw and discovered during its first year on Mars. Astrum merch now available! Apparel: teespring.com/stores/astrum-space Metal Posters: displate.com/promo/astrum?art=5f04759ac338b

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Image Credits: NASA

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All Comments (21)
  • pagarb
    A great story, the "two partners" have almost acquired "personalities", like two friends on a great trip of exploration.. I really hope they can keep going because it seems they're a great team and have already done so much. It would be great to see them keep going. Between them and the scientists who designed, made and are monitoring and sending them on missions, this is a really great story..
  • Michael Falatine
    First off, thanks for the excellent production of this video. The narrative and sequences of images are perfect. As a retired Engineer with over 30 years experience in the automotive industry, I am still amazed at the fact that we can place a series of very complex instruments on Mars, use them from an incredible distance and improve them over previous to work on their own if required. Just incredible on so MANY levels. :)
  • Reina Tycoon
    What an amazing mission. I applaud the brilliant scientists, engineers, and ground crew that has made this mission possible! I cannot wait to find out what they find within the samples when the retrieval mission brings the samples back home to us.

    This was a great video as usual one of your best yet in a long time! Thanks Alex for all the excellent quality content!!
  • American Law Dawg
    The fact we sent that car sized drone all the way to mars and used rockets to land it so gently is absolutely incredible, I’m super impressed with that. Now to think we also have a R/C helicopter that’s been flying around up there is mind blowing to me as well lol…🇺🇸
  • Desmond Hawkins
    The landing video is truly one of the most amazing things I've ever seen. Watching from the rover as it descends, with the platform above hovering with its rockets and their transparent exhaust… absolutely incredible. JPL has always had crazy ideas for the landing sequence that we could all read about, like for Spirit and Opportunity with huge airbags and the last two rovers with sky cranes, but seeing it on video just makes it so much more impressive.
  • Micki MICKI
    Seems like most of the problems suffered by Mars Landers and the helicopter could be fixed with a jet of compressed air. No doubt it would extend every single mission to be able to blow off the solar cells occasionally. It might have cleared the pebbles in the sample tube too. As an analytic tool it could determine how dusty a surface is before beginning to drill it. It would also clear dust off of samples so they are kept more pristine for analysis.
  • Hippida
    Such an amazing documentary, very well made, and I can appreciate all the work going into getting the Mars pictures, and editing it all.
    Thank you so very much for this most excellent update on Perseverance mission thus far.
  • Steven Weller
    Thanks for the continuous time linear narrative and editing...most helpful in understanding the mission and putting the discoveries in context...

    Be well
  • Frankie Rzucek
    This video is so well done and deserves a lot more views. Phenomenal job with the research, photography, real and computer animation. This has become one of my favorite channels. I remember I used to try to keep up with the rover. But , as you explained, it is a painstakingly long process in between projects. So this was nice to watch each update and not have to wait, lol. Thank you for sharing this. It's so well put together
  • litephaze
    Alex, you never cease to amaze me, leaving me awe-inspired… This piece just does it! I don’t know how you do these videos so well! I truly hope NASA appreciates you! Because I know I sure do! Keep up the great work! ❤
  • Rui Seabra
    Wonderful work, Alex. You've been able to maintain a high level of quality and engagement in these longer format productions.

    Very well done!
  • JonnyFlash
    It's amazing what this mission has accomplished thus far. Also, this is the best channel on Youtube hands down. The thoroughness of content and production quality is top notch.
  • Pip
    No matter how many times I've seen this, it always impressed me... The science and technology utilised were credited to all involved.
  • annakeye
    This is the sort of story that would make a fabulous childrens book. As an audio book, with the smile you always have in your voice, Alex, you could narrate a kids audio book and really inspire
    their curiosity and interest in our neighbouring planet as well as in science and engineering as a whole. Perhaps even a series of books. I would've loved something like this as a child as it has the science element I loved as a kid as I watched the various challenges of the original series of Star Trek. Anyway, just an idea.
  • Dave Land
    The writing and narration of this video strikes a perfect balance of humanity and science: too many videos about the Mars rovers veer into "Disneyfication," insisting on treating the rovers as cute characters, rather than some of the most ingenious creations of engineering and science. Your videos are engaging and inspiring without being maudlin. Thank you!
  • It's Nux
    I know they're just machines, but the way Alex personifies each one with such endearing, human characteristics really makes me tear up. 😭
  • Richardj
    Thank you Alex, well done as always. Keeping us abreast of science in the solar system.
  • Video2Webb
    God, I enjoyed that! Fabulous story-telling in word and image. Thank you! Of course the thanks go to all those who are responsible for the incredible images, including of course Perseverance's engineers ❤
  • aserta
    29:12 what's interesting about this rock is the fact that it's ablated. There's a lot of features that come through these pictures from Mars that reveal very interesting stories. Melted rocks, heated rocks, and these. Very cool.
  • I follow the progress of Nasa missions now & then but they are often scaled down to hundreds of raw images, a few video presentations. Usually with obscure explanations and very few conclusions. I really appreciate videos like this, narrating things clearly for laymen. Audiences who are simply interested in learning outcomes, without having to wade through hours of indecipherable jargon on geology or engineering, subbed on my main viewing channel. Thanks