Everything NASA Discovered from James Webb's First Year in Space [4K]

Published 2023-07-25
It's already been one year of JWST operations. In this episode we accumulated all the major science results, all the amazing images and graphs, all the important discoveries and controversies. Enjoy the ULTIMATE GUIDE to the first year of James Webb.

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00:00 Intro
01:34 Amazing Images
13:52 Early Universe
22:26 Exoplanets
29:10 Solar System
36:32 Problems
39:24 What's Next

Host: Fraser Cain
Producer: Anton Pozdnyakov
Editing: Artem Pozdnyakov

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All Comments (21)
  • @neolynxer
    After a day of work: some beer, TV with 4k JWST images and Fraser's voice explaining space stuff... Yeah, It's good.
  • @rokranged
    I'm a scientist and I understand how the telescope works on paper. But to see an actual marvel of engineering in such a specific orbit with specific ways of looking at our universe, and thinking of what amount of collective effort went into making this - all that makes me incredibly proud to be part of the story that is human civilization. Hats off to each and every human who contributed to this immense success - from the scientific minds who imagined this to the manual workers who kept facilities running. A big big thank you to each and every one of those humans.
  • I'm so glad that I live in the JWST era. I'm old enough to remember the launch and deployment of Hubble, and I'm happy it went as well as it did. I'm most curious as to how many people are going to earn their PhD because of JWST.
  • @ThaGamingMisfit
    If everything feels doom and gloom, I tend to think about in what magnificent age of discoveries we live now and all brightens up !
  • @NemoK
    Amazing. Enough to bring a tear to my eye. Not even being hyperbolic. Seeing the universe like this is so awe-inspiring that I can't help but get a little emotional.
  • @Swiftsparten
    Great summary of the first year of James Web. Thank you for covering the content that you enjoy most, instead of just what gets the most clicks. You may not get as much reach that way but you will for sure have me and many others that will keep coming back for good consistent content.
  • @kodiak2fitty
    Thank you! I've missed so many of the Webb updates. This was great to have a concise review of the awesomeness.
  • I like how when a new instrument sends back data that makes astronomers from all the fields question their models and have to think deeper. That leads to new discoveries about our universe. Thank you
  • @MattRobertsons
    Amazing job editing this video. I absolutely love how you zoomed into areas providing context and scale to what we are looking at. Plus, I really enjoyed the comparisons to Hubble imagery. This video really shows the power of JWST, and I wish more people covering this topic would put their videos together in a similar way. Us nerds know what we are looking at and understand light years, but no one else has a clue. I think this gets taken for granted. You've set the bar Fraser Cain.
  • @cafaque
    What a year, and what a reporter! Thank you Fraser!
  • Enormously informative for those of us who are science-minded, but not astronomers. Many thanks!
  • @sunking2001
    For me...a 70 yo astronomy enthusiast...George Harrison said it best..."it's all too much for me to take." Thanks for this excellent video and report on the JWT. I'm totally blown away.
  • @truman42746
    Great show Fraser! I believe Webb is just getting started.It's truly amazing the technology in the telescope!!
  • @dcabernel
    Excellent job. Looking forward to the next 24 yearly episodes!
  • @chefscorner7063
    While I don't have a scientific background, I really enjoy your videos as they're written in a way that makes me understand some of what you're sharing with us. One of the things I learned in this video is how they can look at a Galaxy from different viewpoints using gravitational lensing, which will show the Galaxy at different points in time! How cool is that!!! You now have a new subscriber. Thanks...
  • @kylorendud2927
    I'm so happy to be growing up in the era of JWST. Seeing all of the fantastic discoveries and steps forward in astronomy has inspired me enough to strive to become an astronomer later in life. I can't be thankful enough for the chance to exist in our magnificent universe.
  • @rJaune
    I think the picture of Jupiter was gorgeous! Thanks for the detailed update, Fraser!
  • @noahway13
    I followed JWST for years. Very excited about seeing it launch, big plans, pop-corn, etc. But then a few hours before launch, I had another bout of kidney stones and was in hospital and missed it all... Just my luck.
  • Hi :) My name is Snow Gibson.
    The JWST inspired me to start to work on getting a bachelors degree in physics.
    I've been completely captivated by all of the amazing discoveries since it was released, and I dont want to just read about them... I want to participate in the research and discoveries going on!
    Thank you for summarizing the first year of discoveries made by the JWST.