Office Stereotypes | Dude Perfect

Published 2024-02-24
Office Stereotypes… Love ‘em or hate ‘em, we all know ‘em!
Big candy bowl game changer. Get your REESE'S Big Cup with Caramel.

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All Comments (21)
  • @YouTube
    i think i would be productive with a jumping desk tbh
  • I love the “the office” reference at 3:21 where they put the stapler in the jello 😅
  • @Randomguy_-fb4vi
    10:51 :tyler shredding his high school diploma Also Tyler making a mess in Coby’s office :coby coughing and not crying
  • @alexdjajic9604
    The aggressive Reese's product placement gets me everytime
  • @ylivinggood
    10:50 i love how Cody was trying to stop the rage monster with an airhorn with no juice left
  • Wow! You took the stereotype it to the EXTREME! I've got EVEN MORE SUGGESTIONS of what stereotype you should all do. 💡 Here's what I have here. - Game Show stereotypes - Castle stereotypes🏰 - City stereotypes🏙🗽 - Park stereotypes⛲️ - Library stereotypes📚 - Museum stereotypes🖼🗿 - Bank stereotypes🏦🏧💵 - Café stereotypes☕️🍴 - Farm stereotypes🚜👨‍🌾👩‍🌾 - Concert stereotypes🎤👩‍🎤👨‍🎤 - Boat stereotypes⛵️🚤 - Cruise ship stereotypes 🛳🌊 - Dentist stereotypes🦷 - Stadium stereotypes🏟 - Aquarium stereotypes🐠🐡🦈 - Zoo stereotypes🐒🦍🦁 - Shopping mall stereotypes 🛍 - Arcade stereotypes 🕹 - Gaming stereotypes🎮🎧 - Wild West stereotypes 🏇👢🤠 - Carnival stereotypes🎡🎠💃 - Party stereotypes🎊🎉🕺 - Studio stereotypes🎙🎥📹 - Train stereotypes🚃🚇 I know there's SO MUCH, but you could all pull it out ANYDAY, ANYTIME, ANYWHERE!
  • @MJs_Crew
    Gotta do “Fast Food” stereotypes. A wealth of content 😂 “the long drive thru” “the has to order from the secret menu” “the wrong order” “the Chick-fil-A is closed on Sundays” so MANY! W
  • @wutsgudbud
    3:18 The Office reference to the stapler in the Jello was amazing 😂
  • @kxlxxedits
    who wants to see school stereotypes 👇
  • At 4:50 notice how Garrett initially says "Reese's of paper", then corrects to "pieces of paper"? Cracked me up!😂
  • Funny pictures in the office. They exist to make our lives feel more enjoyable. I really like these skits. Thanks
  • @PeterSuarez123
    Stereotypes vids Ideas: School stereotypes Picnic stereotypes Prison break stereotypes Amusement park stereotypes